Rose Monroe and her ass likes spin class with a side of dick

Rose Monroe’s ass is a product of spin classes, apparently. In this scene from Bangbros, a spin instructor decides that fucking Rose in front of the other students is a good idea. And yes, I’m jealous.

Rose’s Sexercise” can be found on Bangbros’ Ass Parade. If you really like Rose Monroe, consider following her on Instagram. As always, those links and this post are NSFW.

Rose Monroe in spin class

Great turnout for a Monday night spin class. Not sure how a class with three curvacious Latinas doesn’t draw a crowd of single men willing to overpay just to be in the room. This is how the modern-day strip club survives.

Rose Monroe spin class

The instructor presumes these women don’t understand biking. Or walking, or general human movement with two legs. Shouldn’t have to tell an adult to cycle one foot at the time, but there is a reason he’s teaching a sexy spin class while I’m just writing about it.

Also, is discount-Jack Evans running a bogus spin class out of an apartment his parents are most likely paying for? Income for weed comes from weird places. This further proves that the true porn fantasy is to merely be a white guy.

Rose Monroe's ass

I’m not sure if lifting one’s butt off the seat is a real thing in spin class, or just a means to remind us that Rose Monroe’s ass will eventually get more than just a workout. It will also get dick. Because why else would we be filming this?

Bangbros' big boobs in spin class

Naturally, this works because nude workouts are a real thing and everyone is looking to try the newest fitness craze. The girl in the front goes topless because, why not? If a marathon runner can finish a race with his dick flopping around the street, this woman can surely finish a spin class.

Rose Monroe's ass on spin bike

The worst instructor ever opts to get touchy with Rose’s ass because … sexual harassment, I guess. This is why men grope women at various adult entertainment venues. If porn has taught us anything, it’s that dropped panties are a free invitation for our hands.

Rose Monroe spin class

Yea, eyes forward because he doesn’t need witnesses while violating Rose. I wish he capped off the sentence that way. Would’ve been the most real shit ever said in porn.

Rose Monroe rimming

Ass-eating. According to my girlfriend, licking ass is like the new licking pussy. I blame Nicki Minaj while also admitting the remix to “Dance (A$$)” was a banging track.

But for reals, when did eating ass become the new thing? I’m not telling you how to lead your sex lives, and I won’t argue that pussy is still aces. But dude, that is still ass you’re licking.

I’m a fan of booty. I’m a fan of Rose’s booty. I would never bury my face in Rose’s booty. (Note: When a girl’s ass is that big, like Rose’s, bury is the correct verb to use.)

That is unless Rose made an ultimatum. Like, I can’t have any dick-in-vag contact unless I put my face in the cake. In that case, I would just suck it up. Figuratively. Definitely not literally.

Bangbros' girl looks back

Eyes forward! I’m thinking people who witness public sex or indecency opt not to report it or say anything. I mean, we’re already 1-for-1 in this scene.

Bangbros' girl shocked in spin class

Make it 2-for-2. Can’t tell if she’s as turned off by ass eating as I am, or looking for the other girl to say something.

Rose Monroe fucked on spin bike

He can afford three spin bikes and an exercise ball (spoiler alert) but no lube. Interesting. Also, not sure what to make of the other two still biking naked during all of this.


The fuck outta here. This asshole is bringing an exercise ball into the mix. Of course, he only stays in this position for a minute because why would any guy waste time on this bullshit.

And I only call him an “asshole” because I’m petty over how different our lives are. I use an exercise ball for my core workouts. He uses an exercise ball to dick Rose Monroe.

Rose Monroe cumshot

Fade to black with a cumshot. In fairness to both parties, Rose’s display of stamina on the spin bike actually was impressive. That ass isn’t just for show. Or dick. I think.

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