Uma Jolie gets a job as a nanny. Then steals the family’s cash.

Uma Jolie is being given $4000 a month to be a full-time nanny. So naturally, she decides to steal some of the family’s cash. So, the family forces her into having sex as a form of criminal justice.

You can go to Nanny Spy to watch the scene. You can also follow Uma Jolie on Instagram. Try not to confuse her with Georgia Jones.

uma jolie and tommy gunn

Is that a real possibility for a babysitter (I’m sorry, nanny)? Teachers are being tasked with educating our next generation of human beings, yet this girl is about to make $4,000 a month making sure someone’s kid doesn’t sit in a shit-filled diaper while watching Dora.

uma jolie nanny spy

:sigh: This is the type of shit young people say during interviews because they read too many articles on what interviewers want to hear. Such a ridiculous answer that is probably going to work. When she makes two or three more career changes down the road, she’ll probably use the same template.

uma jolie and tommy gunn

To the credit of Tommy Gunn, he handles this interview like an ace. He makes sure she is fully committed to the job (no outside relationships), has reliable transportation with insurance (don’t want the nanny being pulled over), and has no criminal background (because why hire a nanny to rob you). I’m actually a bit perplexed as to how this leads to sex. Maybe the story is … normal?

uma jolie and tommy gunn

Think I just got my answer. What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Is the family conservative or something? Young, dumb people: don’t disclose information you aren’t even asked for. Take the win while you got it.

uma jolie trinity st clair

In her defense, not every criminal started with a criminal background. I thought the purpose of the camera was so that Trinity St. Claire didn’t have to blatantly spy on Uma and confront her? But when a girl making $4,000 a month still feels the need to steal money, engaging in Mortal Kombat seems appropriate.


Not smooth, Uma. Even if you technically aren’t lying. And there is definitely no way Trinity heard you crumble the money into your panties. : facepalm :

uma jolie trinity st clair

Nope. Which is why you felt the need to hide it as opposed to just asking. Jesus, what are we teaching millennials these days? They can’t even lie and cheat correctly.

uma jolie trinity st clair

Alright, two things here. One, wearing skimpy clothes around the family that pays you is not acceptable. Trinity is right. Two, sexually harassing Uma in response is even less acceptable. So … let’s start doing all the sex things?

trinity st clair fingering uma jolie

I’m lost. And not over whether or not this (like, all of “this”) is really a thing. I trust rich, suburbian families getting freaky with the babysitter (sorry, nanny) is a real thing. But I don’t understand what Trinity is looking to accomplish.

Is assault a means to release frustration over the sexual tension between Trinity’s husband and Uma? Is Trinity also bisexual and just looking for any reason to fuck Uma? Does Trinity just want someone to dominate after being bossed around at work?

uma jolie trinity st clair and tommy gunn

Tommy Gunn. Wears a standard business suit. A reasonable man with sense. That is until this becomes a threesome. Why didn’t they close the door?

uma jolie tommy gunn blowjob

Tommy Gunn. Wears a standard business suit. A reasonable man with sense. Sexually assaults his nanny because he thinks making a lot of money gives him that privilege. Dudes are trash.

tommy gunn uma jolie

Wait. This doesn’t turn into a threesome? Tommy just fucks Uma right in front of Trinity? Are we certain the kids are asleep? Did they ever close the door? It’s daylight outside, one of them could walk in on this.

To his credit, I guess he did teach both of them a lesson. Uma was forced into sex (and will probably still get fired), and Trinity was given the clear message that Tommy would rather have sex with younger women. Tommy wins. ‘Merica.

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