Riley Reid delivers a pizza that ass (and basketball is mostly black)

Riley Reid is delivering two extra large pizzas, but one of the boxes are empty. Fearing she’ll be fired, she decides being gangbanged will make up for the error. I don’t know what I just typed.

It’s easier to watch the clip on PornHub. If you are a true fan of Riley Reid, you should probably visit her official site where she does all the sex things.

pizza that ass

Enough can’t be said about the title. On the surface, it just reads like a lazy combination of the scene’s two biggest plot points: pizza and ass. But this should become the new “Netflix and Chill” for pizza lovers who aren’t bashful about their anal interests.

pizza that ass

I’m sure the pink shoes are some sort of inside joke. The bigger story is that five friends decided to get together over basketball and about $10 worth of snacks from Publix (including popcorn), and maybe two packs of beer. And which asshole filled up a Gatorade bottle with cranberry juice?

pizza that ass

Fuck the gangbang, this is great. So Markus Dupree, who I want to call René Duprée and is from Russia, is baffled that most NBA players are black. Which is understandable when you consider the Russia national basketball team is very much not black.

And it’s not as simple as the black athletes who play basketball are just better. One, there is like less than 8 million blacks in Europe compared 37,144,530 blacks in the US alone. We have a FAR bigger pot to pull from.

Two, there are socio-economic factors involved. Easier to find a basketball court at the park than pay fees for a baseball league (or, you know, find a park with multiple baseball fields). There is a reason the NHL is strikingly white, and I’m not referring to the rink.

Plus, there is also something to be said about young black boys only seeing black athletes in two American sports. There’s less resistance following a trend than bucking it. But let’s have this discussion for another day. Or not. Where’s Riley Reid?

riley reid pizza delivery

There’s Riley! A woman pizza delivery driver is rare, for obvious reasons. Which makes Riley’s character getting gangbanged more daunting.

You can click here for stories from women who have worked in delivery services. Not to spoil it for you, but women put up with far more crap (duh) and are being tasked with approaching environments our male privilege doesn’t realize are unsafe (double duh). And then there is this scene. Christ.

clip from pizza that ass

Jon Jon, it’s basketball. They are ALWAYS going downcourt. Bruh, the fuck are you even talking about?

riley reid delivers pizza to isiah maxwell

Yo, Isiah Maxwell is hype as fuck about this pizza. I wonder if Isiah is as frugal as LeBron James? This lavish home suggests he could probably buy the local pizzeria, but instead settled on two boxes.

Riley Reids delivers pizza to Isiah Maxwell

How do you beat that? Isiah is killing it right now. I can’t tell if Riley is corpsing or just, you know, clumsily getting through a porn scene.

Riley Reid's pizza box is empty

LOLOLOL! How would Riley not realize one box is missing an entire fucking pizza?! This is pure gold!

Isiah Maxwell wants a pizza that ass

Roll credits. And this bullshit works. Now I understand why guys send dick pics with nary a thought.

Clip from Riley Reid's Pizza That Ass

Jon Jon would be great at Cinemasi–wait, scratch that. Forget I said anything.

Clip from Riley Reid's 'Pizza That Ass'

:sigh: Nothing says job security quite like missing the next hour of work to fuck five customers. I love that Isiah says that as if the thinking process is reasonable. Like, gangbanging Riley for missing a pizza is a totally sensible thing to do.

Clip from Riley Reid's Pizza that Ass

No shit Jon Jon. Hard to watch TV over the sound of fucking. I once missed an entire episode of Stranger Things 2 doing that.

Riley Reid blowbang

Porn makes it look normal, but running a train on a chick is a not normal thing. Like, not at all. If I’m hanging out with my four guy friends and one girl, and one of the guys propose we have sex with her, the rest of us are questioning this dude. And our friendship.

I’m not interested in high-fiving you while your dick is out, or giving instructions like “get in there.” I’m not coaching a game. I have sex the same way I approach work at the office and projects in college: solo.

Riley Reid cumshot

Listen, there were roughly 18 minutes of Riley just taking a lot of dick. After like the second minute it all becomes a blur. If you really wanted to see Riley Reid engage in double penetration–like, a LOT of double penetration–just watch the clip.

But how do you go back to the previous timeline before Riley arrived? They all fucked her as a starting five, they all came on her face, and now she’s just going to return to work while the guys go back to watching basketball. That’s so weird to me. Porn is crazy sometimes.

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