Kendra Lust wants Riley Reid to be like her daughter and have sex

Kenda Lust and Riley Reid are enjoying an otherwise professional yoga session. Then Kendra asks Riley to pretend to be her daughter. Apparently, that involves having sex together. I don’t know a better way to put this.

You can go to Girlsway sub-site Mommy’s Girl to watch the scene. You can also follow Kendra Lust on Instagram. She gets more done in the gym than you do.

Kendra Lust

I don’t understand this camera angle. If Riley Reid is looking up at Kendra Lust, why are we making out Riley to be the size of a child? A quick Google search shows both women are 5’4″. We shouldn’t get the equivalent of WWE cameras panning up to remind you that The Big Show is big. Also, boobs.

Kendra Lust and Riley Reid

In case you forgot this was a porn scene, Kendra is scanning Riley the way a dude would. Or the way I would. And the fact these two are looking at each other eye-to-eye just proves that first camera angle was bullshit.

Kendra Lust gets ready for yoga session

Why are 80% of professionally made porn videos shot at mansions? This is why dudes think money can cure a lack of pussy. As long as they have a big house and a pool that is longer than it is wide, random sexual encounters will just pop up.

Riley Reid talks to Kendra Lust

Think ya’ll are going to know each other more than just “a little bit better.”

Kendra Lust and Riley Reid do yoga

To Riley’s credit, she’s a pretty decent yoga instructor. She’s come a long way since delivering pizzas. Too bad she has a pattern of fucking her customers.

Kendra Lust and Riley Reid do yoga

If this yoga pose doesn’t lead to Kendra and Riley doing all the sex things, I would be stunned. This also highlights what’s make good lesbian porn good: patience and tension. A dude would already be ripping their shorts off and trying to go in with no lube.

Kendra Lust and Riley Reid do yoga

And here we go. I think Kendra has done enough stretching for the day.

Riley Reid talks to Kendra Lust

Bless her heart. Kendra is trying to do more than book you, Riley. Had the original instructor Sergio not canceled, would Kendra have fucked him instead? Yes. The answer is always “yes”. It’s porn.

Kendra Lust wants Riley Reid to be her daughter.

This just took a dark turn. So Kendra’s daughter is also a yoga instructor. Seeing Riley reminds Kendra of her daughter, who Kendra presumably misses. So now Kendra wants Riley to pretend to be the daughter.

This is like a movie referring to a past adventure we never see, but it sounds more interesting than the actual movie being watched. Exactly what kind of relationship did Kendra have with her daughter? And why is Riley about to go along with this? Oh right, extra business opportunities.

Riley Reid shocked by Kendra Lust

Nailed it.

Kendra Lust wants Riley Reid to be like her daughter

And have sex with you?! This got too confusing and complicated for its own good. Just start licking each other’s asses or something so we can forget this subplot even happened.

Riley Reid calls Kendra Lust mommy

What. The. Fuck.

Riley Reid rimming Kendra Lust

That escalated fast. We went from introducing a new yoga instructor, to “act like you’re my daughter,” to Riley eating Kendra’s admittedly bomb ass in a matter of minutes. And of course, that would happen first. Ass-eating is the new pussy-licking.

Riley Reid likes Kendra Lust's ass

I mean, she does. But please stop calling her that.

Kendra Lust eats out Riley Reid

So yea, Kendra totally wants to fuck her own daughter. That’s my biggest takeaway. That may be one of the more crazy plot turns I have seen in an otherwise normal porn scene. I mean, if you think getting your butthole licked by a replacement yoga instructor is normal.

It would’ve been easier to just say Kendra has a thing for subservient young women, and Riley was a suitable target. Routine activity theory. But this scene implies that Kendra fantasizes about eating out her daughter.

And no, if it were a step-daughter, Kendra could’ve said that. There are plenty of step-family porn sites that have no problem establishing that. I want to believe Mommy’s Girl has a shared cinematic universe that can better make sense of this. But why do I have to be creeped out just to get a boner?!

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