Kelsi Monroe learns how to use the gym through anal sex

Kelsi Monroe doesn’t know how to use gym equipment. So Ramon Nomar, who spends his time aggressively showing people the right way to work out, aggressively jams his dick in Kelsi’s ass. This escalates quickly.

You can watch Kelsi Monroe in “Gym Fails” at Digital Playground’s website. You can also follow her on Instagram. She’s more than just a big butt. She’s also a gymnast!

Guy exercising

Ugh, this guy. Every gym has one or five of them. They typically yap on the phone while doing a half-assed seated leg press.

Talk on the phone or work out. Your multi-tasking skills aren’t admired. Besides, you’re not even getting the full intensity on your biceps. Ditch isolated one-arm curls and stopping using your body for momentum.

Ramon sneaking up on guy

I’m not sure what’s happening here. Ramon never played Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation. Lessons in stealth would go a long way.

Ramon slaps phone out of hand

LUNK ALARM! This is a Planet Fitness employee’s dream, right? Why waste time ringing an alarm and annoying everyone when you can just slap a phone out of a dude’s hand?

Ramon says don't text at the gym

He wasn’t texting. But that’s beside the point, so yea, fuck that guy! I appreciate that “red cap” never dropped the dumbbell. I also appreciate he’s wearing a red cap indoors.

Guy does pull-ups wrong

Hahahaha. Dude straight out of the 80s, get the fuck outta here! I don’t even know what muscle group this is supposed to work. It’s like an assisted pull-up but not at all. You’re essentially this person.


Is this covered by the waiver of liability agreement? Every gym needs a Ramon on staff. But I’m sure this scene will ultimately prove why that’s a bad idea.

Kelsi Monroe's butt walking in gym

Quite the entrance by Kelsi Monroe. When Goldberg would blast through his locker room door and march to the ring flanked by Doug Dillinger and WCW security, you knew it was about to go down. Kelsi’s ass walking into the porn scene signals that it’s about to go down.

I wish the WWE had the balls to do an entrance like this. “Alexa Bliss’ thick ass is headed to the ring? Must be time for action in the women’s division!

Kelsi Monroe bends over at gym

And this is why you can’t have Ramon at your gym. He’s a creep. Probably the type that doesn’t understand why flashing someone is sexual harassment. Good job hiding that boner from Kelsi. And by “good job” I mean “terrible job.”

Kelsi Monroe using gym equipment

That is true, Kelsi is using the machine incorrectly. The seated hip adductor is the most distracting machine in the gym when a woman is on it. Men know that if we can’t see your crotch, you’re not doing it right. Men are trash.

Kelsi Monroe seduces Ramon

If only it were that easy. Eye-rape Kelsi? Get an invitation to have sex. I’m citing white privilege on this one because I’m a petty human being.

Ramon helps Kelsi Monroe with squats

That is not how you spot someone doing squats. Ramon wouldn’t do this if Kelsi were a dude. Unless it she was Chris Hemsworth. That man is next-level handsome.

Ramon fingers Kelsi Monroe

LUNK ALARM! I mean, SEX ALARM! I’m not certain everyone left the gym. And really, Kelsi? No athletic underwear? Gross.

Kelsi Monroe anal sex

I know if this were a real situation, Ramon wouldn’t have time to prepare. But bruh, you’re really about to fuck Kelsi in the ass with no lube? Get it together.

And why go straight for anal? While Kelsi communicates she is down to slut (which is the reality this scene presents, not a case of slut-shaming), she never communicates that she wants anal. But Ramon goes “fuck it, up the butt I go.” And then we wonder why dudes don’t understand how sex works.

Kelsi Monroe ass eating

Ass eating. I was chatting with a dude about oral sex. We’re both on the “guys shouldn’t be selfish about oral” bandwagon, but weren’t on the same page regarding how pleasurable it is. Specifically, he described eating pussy and ass as “delicious.”

Men: if you like to eat ass and women enjoy it, do your thing. But don’t describe it the same way someone would express eating homemade mac and cheese. At the end of the day, you’re still licking ass and genitals.

Kelsi Monroe anal sex

So … this screenshot is a bit unsettling, no? This makes Ramon look like a straight rapist instead of the creeper he really is. Kelsi projects that she just likes it rough. But man, the visual on this is not good.

Kelsi Monroe anal sex

Welp, at least Ramon is working out his entire lower body. Kelsi is getting nothing but some glute action. Leg day looks excruciating from her perspective.

Do people fantasize about having sex in the gym, or does being surrounded by tight bodies in semi-vulnerable clothing make people want sex? I suspect it’s more so the latter. Fucking in a gym can’t be comfortable.

Young, beautiful, fit people are bound to get horny watching other young, beautiful, fit people. That’s how this entire thing started. Ramon saw Kelsi’s ass (well, we all did), Kelsi saw Ramon’s muscles, and they both said “I eventually want to fuck this person, so why not now?

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