Lana Rhoades makes her step-brother wipe pee off her ass

Lana Rhoades’ step-brother doesn’t know how to aim and pissed all over the toilet seat. Lana wants him to clean it up, including the piss that ended up on her ass. So her step-brother decides, “Yeah, now would be a good time to slip in my penis.”

The scene is Slip In It is from the site Bratty Sis. You can view a sponsored clip on PornHub here. You can also follow Lana Rhoades on Instagram. She’s all business, so don’t get cute.

lana rhoades slip it in

Yep, we’re opening up a porn video of Lana Rhoades by watching some dude pee. Exactly what I wanted when I downloaded this. Also, dude pissed all over the floor (presumably over the seat as well). Gentlemen, this is why it’s just easier to lift the seat up. It only takes a second.

It’s hours (or minutes) later, and the guy (named “Tony”) has already walked out of the bathroom without cleaning the toilet or floor. Apparently grabbing a tissue or towel requires too much effort. For the sake of Lana, I hope his dick game isn’t as lazy as his cleaning game.

Lana is furious after sitting on the toilet and yells out, “I want you to fucking clean it up! Get your ass in here.” Okay, one, he’s still a grown-ass man. Only his momma can talk to him like that. And two, why is she barking orders while in the bathroom?

lana rhoades slip it in

Because her dumbass if still sitting on the toilet. To clarify, it’s not shit. More importantly, WHY IS SHE ON THE TOILET?! If I’m to understand this, Lana sat her ass on a pissed-on toilet, and rather than clean herself off, she feels Tony needs to take care of this right now while her panties are down.

Tony isn’t having it. Not because he doesn’t have time for this foolishness. Rather, he would be more open to cleaning up right now if Lana was someone other than family. Jesus Christ on a saltine, this is stupid.


After the floor and the toilet is cleaned, Lana demands that Tony cleans her ass off as well. And this is the part where I have to apologize. I ranted on how stupid this set up is but never considered that Lana has a femdom thing and gets off on bullying Tony.

I’m willing to accept that dimwitted Tony may be slightly more prey than predator in this scenario. I’d also say Tony’s a little bitch for doing what she asked, but he’s also about to enter Lana’s pussy, so clearly I’m the idiot.

lana rhoades slip it in

After wiping Lana off, Tony does the only reasonable thing: grab a handful of cheek. Let’s be real. Grabbing her ass is a trash move. But after so much ass exposure, I can’t blame Tony for letting the power of boners take over. I can’t firmly say I wouldn’t do something similar.

lana rhoades slip it in

But as soon as I show understanding, he becomes more predator than prey by whipping out his dick. Jerking off is some next-level shit. Giving yourself more fluid to clean up is a bold strategy, we’ll see how it plays out.

And sidenote, WHEN DID LANA RHOADE’S ASS GET SO ROUND?! I don’t remember her butt being a booty.

lana rhoades slip it in

Tony puts his penis inside Lana, and Lana doesn’t realize it’s a penis. I’m not exactly sure what else she thought it could be. That look on her face suggests some dick-in-pussy contact was not how this was supposed to go. But what was the plan then? To fart in his face?

lana rhoades slip it in

Less than 30 seconds later, she’s cool with the forcible entry and is down to ride him. Because of course, she is. Fortune favors the bold, I guess.

I’m sure you can figure out the rest. The day started with missing the toilet and ended with fucking Lana in the bedroom. So here’s a lesson to you: next time a girl asks you to brush off her ass because she’s too lazy to do so herself, slipping your penis inside of her is the only fair thing to do.

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