7 thoughts after watching Julio Gomez’s penis and Marcia Hase

I went to BLACKED.com to watch a scene with Julio Gomez, his penis and Marica Hase. To sum up, Marica knows Julio has a monstrosity of a dick, Julio obviously knows he has a monstrosity of a dick, and after mutual confirmation, he proceeds to just blow up her vagina.

Watching Julio Gomez is an interesting experience. Hell, watching straight porn focused on a guy’s penis is an interesting experience. I’m not trying to focus on the dude, but when there is a pornstar with a forearm for a dick, I have to watch it.

And I don’t actually know if his penis is the size of a forearm. I have never measured Julio Gomez’s penis or a forearm because why would I? I just eyeballed it and know his penis is huge to a point where having it seems less like a pussy magnet and more like an inconvenience.

I didn’t get all that stimulated watching the scene. Watching just caused me to have a bunch of questions and take moments to think while Marica’s lower body was trying to survive a porn shoot. There were seven things that ran through my head while I was supposed to be focusing on some Julio’s penis:

1. How does Julio use the bathroom? I’m sure he closes the door behind him and makes sure everything goes into the toilet. But when sitting down, I’d be worried about the tip hitting the toilet water. I also bet he has to unbutton his pants to pee as opposed to just unzipping. Or he wears jogger pants all the time. What is his approach to buying boxers/boxer briefs? Does all of his pants have slack in the thigh area?

2. I’m not a doctor … or smart, but I think the body only has so much blood, and when men get erect some of that blood goes to the penis. I’m thinking for someone like Julio, there’s not always enough blood to root from other spots of the body to ensure a penis that huge stays hard. So does he have issues staying hard? Because I watched Hot Girls Wanted and those shoots take more than an hour.

3. Porn shoots use lube, right? I know it’s never shown because it’s as unsexy as condoms, but I’d think it has to be used for the comfort of everyone involved. So how much lube did Julio and Marica need?

4. That has to hurt. I don’t know the specifics of how, but that has to be painful. Like a weird mix between pleasure and pain; it hurts, but it also gets the job done. Combine “careful, slow down” with “keep going.”

5. Does the character Marica Hase plays knows that Julio Gomez’s character has a huge dick? Cause I feel all that happened was Marica was like, “I want to talk to you,” and Julio was all, “I know what you really want,” and we’re off to the races. I don’t think sex works that way. I also don’t need two hands for my penis, so what do I know?

6. Was Marica concerned or afraid of working the shoot? And by “concerned”, I mean along the lines of pain or taking it to the cervix repeatedly. Would that make an actress hesitant to work a scene with the Julio Gomez’s of porn? And ditto for the actor. There are moments when Julio just goes hi-tempo on Marica, and if it were me I would be thinking to myself, “please don’t break her, please don’t break her …”

7. What the fuck kind of name is “Brake?”

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