Mike Adriano Anal Movie Titles, Ranked

Yesterday, I realized Mike Adriano no longer directs films for Evil Angel. He still produces scenes for his own site, but an end of an era has passed and I’m in the mood for reminiscing on his best movie titles.

I like the work Adriano does. They have great lighting and good visuals. But the end of the day, it’s merely anal done POV-style with popular stars. (Note: He also did blowjob and non-anal scenes, but come on, we’re not going to remember him for that.)

His style was a major hit, for no particularly great reason. Adriano didn’t do anything innovative. He just did it better. He skipped the set-up and just gave our eyes what they wanted to see: butts and butt stuff, close-up.

I began mulling over what his best movies were for Evil Angel. And funny thing: I remembered every movie is the SAME FUCKING MOVIE! It’s the same angles, same positions, same action, just different butts and women.

I won’t rank his DVD’s. He’s done like 200-something movies, and I didn’t bother to watch each one. (Note: Besides, we all know Mad Asses is the best. Fight me.) I won’t rank individual scenes. It’s all the SAME DAMN SCENE! I won’t rank pornstars. I would only choose girls with big butts.

Instead, I’m ranking actual titles. As in the titles on the DVD covers. The only thing better than a Bobbi Starr and Kimberly Kane scene is imagining the time Mike Adriano put into coming up with titles for marketing.

1. Enter Her Exit

2. Hungry Assholes

3. Planet Anal

4. Rectal Romance

5. Anal Inferno

6. California Anal Girls POV

7. Anal Motherfucker

8. American Cocksucking Sluts

9. Asshole Therapy

10. Anal Asses

11. Deep In That Ass

12. Anal Super Powers

13. Inspector Anal

14. Good With Her Ass

15. Too Much Anal

16. Anal Supersluts

17. Big Anal Booties

18. Anally Talented

19. All Day Anal

20. Anal Dream Team

21. Anal Skills

22. Straight Up Anal

23. In The Booty

This blog is over.

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