Lexxxi Luxe cures porn addiction in ‘Swinging with Lexxxi’

Today we will be looking at Lexxxi Luxe’s “Swinging with Lexxxi” scene from Plumper Pass. It tells the story of a neighbor struggling with porn addiction, and a woman who feels the solution is having sex with multiple partners. And her. Mostly her.

Lexxxi Luxe welcomes neighbor Sean, a man without a last name, as he complains about an argument with his girlfriend. I’m assuming the person is his girlfriend. Could be his fiancee or wife, but it’s never explicitly stated. Let’s just call the woman with no formal title “his girl.”

The argument stems from Sean dealing with porn addiction and being caught looking at porn again. It’s basically the plot from Don Jon. Lexxxi offers a series of solutions.

One, Sean can go deeper into his addiction by having his girl watch porn with him. Two, he could become a swinger just like Lexxxi and her husband (as Lexxxi claims swinging helped their relationship). Or three, Sean can just fuck Lexxxi and her gigantic tits. We all know which solution he chose. There’s a slight chance he rolled with the second option on the backend. He does a lot of work for Plumper Pass.

Here are 12 observations from my viewing:

1. There is a three-minute music video of Lexxxi Luxe’s bouncing boobs at the beginning of the scene. It’s the porn version of “X seconds of logos” before a movie. There is a point where Lexxxi looks bored, and it felt like we would never get to actual porning.

lexxxi luxe plumper pass

2. Also, in the music video, there was a “starring Lexxxi Luxe” text crawled across the screen. Because, you know, this was a professional video. Thing is, you never see Lexxxi’s face. What they’re really saying is “starring Lexxxi Luxe … and her MASSIVE TITS!” Which both feels a little too on the nose and an honest assessment of the scene.

3. Fun fact: The clock on the wall reads 10:10 throughout the entire scene.

lexxxi luxe titty drop

4. I was trying to figure out why so much time is spent on Lexxxi’s enormous tits dropping until I realize Pornhub has a number of titty drop compilations. I know there is a porn compilation for just about anything, but the amount dedicated to titties dropping is staggering.

lexxxi luxe plumper pass

5. During a youth trip to Daytona Beach at the age of, I dunno, 13, I was taught the “chin up” rule. It was tested when a woman and her double D’s wouldn’t stop talking to me at a Dairy Queen. I feel like even if you keep your chin up, your line of sight can’t help but see Lexxxi’s gargantuan tits.

6. When Sean lets Lexxxi fill in the blanks on the problem he is having, Lexxxi quips with “did you not refill the milk?” Which … makes no sense. Either it’s in reference to those mountainous milk jugs, or she’s stuck in an era where home milk delivery is a thing.

7. Porn addiction is no joke. Ask Terry Crews. Or hell, ask me. It’s been an ongoing struggle and breaking it for an extended period of time isn’t easy. So why Plumper Pass makes this a plot point–to a viewing audience that probably deals with some form of porn or sex addiction–is beyond me.


8. Imagine the following scenario. Your partner has a drug problem. An addiction, maybe. He or she can’t stop doing heroin. You’re very concerned about it. You go to your friend to vent, and the solution they come up with is, “You should start doing heroin with them.”

You, being concerned about your partner’s addiction, responds with, “Why the fuck would I do that?!” That’s an understandable reaction. So in an analogous situation, why would Lexxxi think that a reasonable solution to Sean’s porn addiction is for him to watch it with his partner? And why does Sean think of his partner not doing this as a case of not being willing to work with him?

Because he’s trash. That’s why.

lexxxi luxe plumper pass

9. How does swinging help a relationship? Genuinely curious. Also, there is no way Lexxxi hosted a backyard orgy without it coming up at the preceding HOA meeting. The fuck outta here.

10. There are two ways to look at what Lexxxi is doing here. Either a) she’s sexually free and wants Sean to do the same for his own sake and happiness, or b) she doesn’t want Sean to work things out with his partner so that he can start swinging with Lexxxi. Listen, we don’t know what Lexxxi’s husband is like in bed. She could be scouting for better dick options.


11. It’s nice of Lexxxi to offer Sean her immense tits. But I’m pretty sure whether or not this will temporarily help Sean’s addiction depends on whether or not he is into BBW’s. If his thing is more along the lines of European gangbangs, he’ll be right back at it tomorrow.

lexxxi luxe plumper pass

12. Tit fucking, or more specifically tit fucking Lexxxi, just feels like a lot of work. Granite Granted, Lexxxi has enough tit meat for this to be effective. But I just don’t see the appeal. When I see a girl with huge tits, I don’t think to myself, I’d really like to fuck those tits. I think about motorboating. And that I’d rather be in pussy than between her breastices.

Want to see the full scene without my commentary? Of course, you do. Go grab a Plumper Pass membership and download “Swinging with Lexxxi.”

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