Mandy Muse steals a playbook and is gangbanged by a coach

Today we will be looking at Mandy Muse in “A Playbook Punishment” from Submissived. It tells the story of a cheerleader who gets gangbanged for costing her team a game by stealing their playbook. The fuck did I just type?

We open the scene with Mandy Muse stealing the playbook of what I can only assume is the football coach of a local private school. The coach and two of his players forcibly enter Mandy’s home to get the playbook back, but Mandy won’t reveal its location.

After a one-minute search in a rather large home, Mandy is chased upstairs only to reveal that she was hiding the playbook under her skirt. Don’t ask. The less you think, the better.

The coach threatens her with potential legal action and shame and suggests that getting gangbanged by him and his players will make things even. Without Mandy ever making a decision (which really isn’t a decision at all) or giving consent, the three commence having sex with her.

I dunno where to begin, but we have to start somewhere, right?

1. Here’s a fun fact to kick things off: only the coach ends up having intercourse with Mandy Muse.

mandy muse submissived
2. Mandy takes the playbook from the coach’s car, THEN decides to look around and make sure no one sees her. Kids, if you are going to engage in deviant behavior like theft, here is a tip: make sure no one is around before you take something.

3. It wouldn’t be a porn scene without it happening in a lavish home. Do people in the porn universe have sex in low- to middle-income communities? I would love to see sex in an overpriced 700 square foot apartment. No wonder dudes think they need nice houses to attract pussy.

mandy muse submissived
4. It’s not exactly breaking and entering, but it’s definitely forced entry. I’m just happy to see this trope being used on white guys instead of the usual interracial scene. As we all know now, white dudes can be trash, too.

5. Mandy never actually hides the playbook before the coach and his two cronies arrive. She holds it behind her back, and neither the coach or his players notice. No wonder their team sucks. Their opponents probably get away with option plays all day.

mandy muse submissived
6. I’m sorry, did the coach not make copies of the playbook? He says this like there is only one copy, and without it, no one on the team knew what to do. We’re slowly learning that the team loses mostly due to incompetence.

mandy muse submissived
7. My sentiments exactly, Mandy. And use the f*cking copy machine! The car Mandy took the playbook from was lovely. I doubt the school has a tight budget on paper usage.

8. You know how else I know the coach sucks and his players are scrubs? In what is a huge home, the players looked in four cabinets upstairs before giving up their search. Didn’t even bother with the kitchen, a bathroom, or I dunno, walking behind Mandy!

mandy muse submissived
9. The rape is on–err, I mean, the chase the on! I feel like only a white guy would have the brass to suggest that searching a girl’s body (which I can’t stress enough, is highly illegal and morally corrupt) is a sensible action.

mandy muse submissived
10. Either the coach doesn’t know what a cavity search is, or his irreplaceable playbook is the size of common contraband. Also, the look on the face of Douche A is concerning. That’s the type of dude you can’t shower around after practice.

11. Because the coach is manipulative, he accuses Mandy of not understanding how serious the situation is. Here’s a suggestion sir: I don’t think you know the seriousness of THIS situation.

Let’s be clear about a few things. There are no legal ramifications for taking a playbook. If the coach actually had the gall to call the cops, I’m sure they would be more concerned about a girl being threatened than a coach who doesn’t save his plays on a thumb drive. At worst, Mandy may get kicked off the cheerleading team.

The only “situation” here is three men intimidating a girl in her own house (without being let in), and proposing to do something that amounts to sexual assault. And fun fact, that does have legal ramifications.

12. And while I’m on a roll, can we address the suggestion that Mandy’s character (as well as the two players) are in high school? Any form of rape and assault is terrible, but projecting this act on a minor is all types of worse. Yes, we all know the actors are above the age of 18, but jeez, who does this fantasy appeal to?

mandy muse submissived
13. You mean the three of you sexually assaulting their daughter? I’d say they think you all deserve jail time.

14. Count Pitino over here apparently supplies his players with girls to “celebrate” their wins (wins I’m sure are far and few in between). With his guys pent up and not taking accountability for losing, he feels forcible sex with Mandy is justified. Here’s a thought: consider masturbating.

mandy muse submissived
15. I don’t want to be that guy, but I have to be that guy right now. Mandy, you were just raped by two minors, an adult, and cummed on. Stop smiling.

Want to see the full scene without my commentary? Of course, you do. You can go to Submissived to buy a membership and view an abridged version.

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