Observations from Riley Reid in “Pizza That Ass”

Today we look at Riley Reid in “Pizza That Ass” from her official website ReidMyLips. It tells the story of a pizza delivery girl who gets gangbanged because half an order is missing. Giving away a free pizza wasn’t good enough.

Get a membership at ReidMyLips to download the full video. You can also check out a full preview from Riley Reid on PornHub.

riley reid pizza that ass

I wish I knew the story behind those pink shoes. I actually wish I knew where Markus got those pink shoes. If only I had a Google Pixel 3 like the commercial with the interracial couple. Because, you know, progress.

riley reid pizza that ass

Now that the 3-point shot has become so crucial in the NBA, the ratio is getting a little more balanced. Is that sneak racism? Because I think it is, but I’m also giving white American basketball players credit and hope. Call it a wash.

riley reid pizza that ass

Fun fact: it took Riley Reid a full minute from the beginning of the video till now to get to the door. Fuck people and their incredibly extravagant homes.

riley reid pizza that ass

Jon Jon. It’s basketball. They are always going downcourt. That’s a default mechanism of the sport. The fuck are you even talking about?

riley reid pizza that ass

Hahaha! I too get very excited when my pizza arrives. But I’m frugal, and delivery costs are just too much compared to hopping in the car and carrying out. Also, I have never gotten a delivery person who looks like Riley Reid. Ever.

riley reid pizza that ass

How the fuck does Riley not realize the box is empty? She has lifted and touched that box gawd knows how many times.

riley reid pizza that ass

That’s very fair of Riley. As someone who has never worked in the food and service industry, I don’t know if she can make that decision. But that’s a good deal. I would totally wait a little longer for a free pizza.

riley reid pizza that ass

Roll credits … wait. That line is so corny and sad, but it’s porn so Riley just laughs it off. It’s also sexual harassment since how he responds could potentially affect her employment. But I tell you again, this is porn.

riley reid pizza that ass

Unless it’s with the CEO, fucking on the job is grounds for immediate termination. Besides, offering him a free pizza seemed like a more than fair compromise. Maybe add in some cinnamon sticks with extra icing, I dunno?

riley reid pizza that ass

Considering their snack selection has been one bowl of chips, one bowl of pretzels, and more salsa than necessary, I bet they are starving. This is why guys can’t be trusted to handle food at a party.

riley reid pizza that ass

Fair enough, Jon Jon. You’ve made up for that stupid “looks like he’s going downcourt” comment. We’re even.

Riley Reid apologizes in Pizza That Ass

BUT DID YOU TELL THEM ABOUT THE FREE FOOD?! I’d give 1000 points if this is the origin story to Riley Reid’s porn career. I fucked a bunch of customers for a Yelp review and an 18% tip. That’s when I decided, you know, maybe I should get paid for this.

Markus Dupree shocked in Pizza That Ass

LOL! That reaction might be the most real thing to happen in this scene. I appreciate that Markus Dupree is the voice of reason and really just wanted to watch the game and eat pizza.

Riley Reid blowjob in Pizza That Ass

It’s Isiah’s home (presumably), but John gets his dick sucked first? That’s complete bullshit on his and Riley’s part. This is why I can’t have white folks over at my place. Trying to take shit over.

Riley Reid wants good review

They should probably clean their fingers off, first. They would either have to lie about how excellent Riley’s delivery service is or tell the truth about the gangbang. Neither option is good for the pizza place.

Riley Reid blowbang in "Pizza That Ass"

So … Riley has fucked at least four guys some other time in the past? That’s quite the random revelation. I wonder how the game is going?

Riley Reid gangbanged in "Pizza That Ass"

I genuinely don’t think Riley would want that. The girls on Legal Porno never look like they’re enjoying themselves. I’m also sure the guys wouldn’t want that. No one is trying to play in a field that’s too damned big.


This is why I wouldn’t be interested in a gangbang. There’s too much body heat bouncing around, I’d get claustrophobic, and I don’t need to be rubbing thighs with another dude. I’d also prefer not to see my friends’ dicks.

Riley Reid cumshot in "Pizza That Ass"

Riley might want to clean that off before explaining to her boss why a single delivery took nearly an hour. Don’t forget the Listerine. Also, the guys missed the entire game. Also, also, they still only have one cheese pizza.

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