Observations from Brandi Love and Aidra Fox in “So Much To Teach You”

Today we look at Brandi Love and Aidra Fox in “So Much To Teach You” from MomsTeachSex.com. It tells the story of a step-mom that demands her step-son shows their new neighbor his dick. It’s a very aggressive way to be a wingman.

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Brandi Love and Aidra Fox in "So Much To Teach You"

Brandi Love step-son will be happy to have a new neighbor as he doesn’t get out much.

Was he beefing with his old neighbor? I’m not sure how having a new neighbor, no matter how pretty Aidra is, is going to make him more social. If the kid wants to beat off and play video games, then that’s what he’s going to do.

Tyler in "So Much To Teach You"

It hasn’t been stated yet, but I’m going to assume Brandi is his step-mom and not his mom-mom. I know moms can get overbearing with trying to hook their kids up with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Especially church moms. “She’s a good, God-fearing girl” they always say.

Brandi Love and Aidra Fox in "So Much To Teach You"

Girls changing in front of each other isn’t a big deal.

Yea, you will never hear a dude say that to another dude. Taking off shirts is always acceptable. We go shirtless for pick-up games. But unless you’re at a gym or low on privacy options, full-on changing clothes is not encouraged.

Brandi Love thinks Aidra Fox has the prettiest boobs

That’s a true statement about Aidra’s boobs. I like how women are encouraging of each other’s bodies. Men are subtlely complimentary, but only if we can tie our comments into working out or hitting the gym.

Tyler creeping in "So Much To Teach You"

Fuckin’ creeper. If Tyler is going to look, then just grow a pair and look. This is normal behavior for guys who watch too much porn. When the real thing is happening right in front of us, our brains get overloaded and fried.

Tyler pretends to watch TV

Ah yes, the I swear, I was watching TV this entire time trick. It never works unless you already have ESPN ready to go. Besides, it’s not like Brandi and Aidra caught him staring them down.

Brandi Love and Aidra Fox

As an aside, Brandi Love and Aidra Rae look wonderful in this scene. I’m actually a bit awestruck. When watching porn, I feel like I never take time just to appreciate the beauty of the women involved.

Tyler shakes Aidra Fox's hand

Awkward. It’s like high school all over again. As I learned from therapy, this is a classic case of catastrophizing. What’s the risk in shaking Aidra’s hand and talking to her? At worst, nothing comes of it, and you’re back to your original timeline. At best, Aidra and Brandi fuck you.

Brandi Love tells Tyler not to be weird

Damn bitch, try not to call the boy out like that. Feels like there are two sides to Brandi’s step-mom character. She’s embarrassed by Tyler’s social clumsiness, but also recognizes he’s not a bad-looking guy and should be adept at talking to girls.

Tyler has an erection

Give Tyler two minutes. There’s a boner under that towel.

He has a boner, doesn’t he? Gentlemen, you know what a good way to defuse an erection is? Peeing. Seriously. I looked it up, and wikiHow agrees. Every time I have morning wood, urinating calms my dick down. You never know when staying hydrated will come in handy.

Brandi Love tells Tyler to remove towel

Brandi is going for the jugular right now. For fuck’s sake, I could’ve sworn she wanted him to hit it off with Aidra, being the new neighbor and all. Does Brandi always go out of her way to try and humiliate her step-son like this?

Brandi Love and Aidra Fox

Brandi wants Tyler to show Aidra his penis. Smooth.

I don’t think that’s a good idea, Brandi. She can’t consent on Aidra’s behalf. At least I’m pretty sure she can’t unless this is some unwritten rule amongst women. Although, I do applaud Brandi’s aggressiveness as a coach. Jason Garrett could learn something from her.

Brandi Love and Aidra Fox

Masturbating and sex are two very different things.

I mean, she is right. Brandi has jokes. I like to imagine this is what Brandi is like in real life. Sarcastic, dark sense of humor, but at the end of the day, she’s just trying to look out for you.

Brandi Love and Aidra Fox

Brandi is the best wingman, ever. Tyler wasn’t even looking to get his dick wet today, but Brandi is helping out-kick his lacking sociable coverage by bagging Aidra. I also appreciate how Aidra is going along for the ride. I think their new neighbor is a bit of a freak.

Brandi Love and Aidra Fox blowjob

He will. Brandi is officially four for four on declarative statements. Don Jon would argue that porn is better than pussy. He was also a moron who needed Julianne Moore to snap out of his idiocy.

Brandi Love and Aidra Fox reverse cowgirl

One way to prevent premature ejaculation? Think about baseball.

What if Tyler really loves baseball? The problem with thinking about something else is a guy could lose his erection, depending on his levels of mindfulness. We don’t want the kid getting so consumed in outside thoughts that he loses sight of the pleasure that is Aidra’s pussy.

Try these two ideas instead. First, in a pinch, take deep breaths. It slows your heart and anxiety down and helps regain control. Second, for a long-term solution, do some kegel exercises. It’s not some myth, it legitimately helps.

Brandi Love and Aidra Fox rimming

For a guy who has never had sex, Tyler is going straight for the kill by rimming Aidra. Says a lot about the type of porn he watches. And look, I don’t care how beautiful Aidra is, I’m not licking ass. The better decision would’ve been to eat out Brandi while she is eating out Aidra.

Brandi Love and Aidra Fox doggystyle

Wait, I thought Brandi was hooking up her step-son with Aidra? I understand a good coach sometimes has to show rather than tell. I also guess it’s hard to watch other people have sex without wanting some as well. But this was not the plan.

They never even got into the pool! Brandi posed this as a bikini day for her an Aidra while Tyler can socialize. In the end, it merely became a day of I need some dick. Not that Brandi and Aidra can’t continue their bikini day. They just have to clean off the cum, first.

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