Observations: Mazzaratie Monica in “Big Booty Cable Duty”

Today we look at Mazzaratie Monica in “Big Booty Cable Duty.” Mazzaratie makes a visit to JB’s dreams as he waits for the cable tech to fix his service. Ironically, he was preparing to beat off to a Mazzaratie Monica scene before dozing off. He never gets his cable fixed.

Get a membership at Plumper Pass (Link) to download the full video and view a brief trailer.

Mazzaratie Monica in "Big Booty Cable Duty"

I’d like to think the lotion is used because he moisturizes his skin after taking a shower. But it’s porn, and he already has his jeans on, so we have to keep all options open.


Welp, we got our answer. At least he considers his skin care and won’t rub one out while dry.


We’ve all been there. Shaking the remote and mashing the buttons even harder as if that is going to make a huge difference. Bruh, just accept that you are going to have to get up.

Mazzaratie Monica in "Big Booty Cable Duty"

What everyone in my office likes to call the “blue screen of death.”

Fuck Comcast!


Liar. We know damn well customer support told you to turn the cable box off and then turn it back on after 30 seconds. You did not do that.


His conversation was realistic until now. The cable company never shows up the same day for a tech issue. My internet was down, Xfinity told me they would need a week to send someone out and would charge me an activation fee. I went on online chat, and Chetan fixed the problem in 20 minutes. Thanks, Chetan!


I never understood dudes who sleep with their hand on their dick. Also, does he not have a laptop or internet data on his phone to watch porn? Who sets up the living room as a masturbation station? Do better.

Mazzaratie Monica's big ass in "Big Booty Cable Duty"

JB dreams in black and white. You know, I was just about to comment on the random array of pictures hanging on the left, but HOT DAYUM MAZZARATIE MONICA’S ASS!! That’s how you make an entrance.

Random question while we are here: does Mazzartie have to get custom-made jeans? Or is thinking about how she fits all that ass turning my brain dumb?

Mazzaratie Monica's in "Big Booty Cable Duty"

I typed the guy’s name wrong. Sue me.

I guess it’s possible a Mazzaratie could also be a cable tech. We don’t know if pornstars make so much money that they don’t need to have a side hustle to go with their main one.

Also, Mazzartie keeps insisting she is from the cable company. But she didn’t come with any tools and hadn’t touched a single wire. On second thought, she might be telling the truth.


As an aside, I do appreciate the subtle continuity of the lotion still being on the sectional. Girls love that. And kudos to Plumper Pass for doing a scene in a mid-range home. Guess the setting indicates how a production studio handles its shooting budget.

Mazzaratie Monica in "Big Booty Cable Duty"

Nice, the horror movie creeper camera shot. A favorite of every villain who somehow walks into a house without being heard. For all the attention given to Mazzaratie’s ass, I forget she has beautiful tits.

Mazzaratie Monica in "Big Booty Cable Duty"

For those of you paying attention, Mazzaratie had matching bra and panties. That means she was ready. Anytime your girlfriend/fiance/wife does this, be sure to take notice.

Mazzaratie Monica's big ass in "Big Booty Cable Duty"

Okay Mazzaratie, I see you.


I’m hypnotized and slowly losing breath.

… Okay Mazzaratie, you more than have my attention now.


*On the floor and died from lack of oxygen*

Mazzaratie Monica pussy licking in "Big Booty Cable Duty"

Just eyeballing it, looks more like from behind pussy-licking than ass-licking. I’ve been very clear that I don’t lick ass. But if Mazzaratie Monica made it a pre-requisite, I would at least give it a minute of thought.

Mazzaratie Monica face-sitting in "Big Booty Cable Duty"

Face-sitting. I don’t know if what I’m about to say makes sense, but Mazzaratie Monica’s ass is intimidating. It’s nothing to fear, per se. Porn just does a great job of convincing the viewer we have to be a certain level of alpha male to have sex with a woman like her.

I hate when guys say, “I would do so much to that ass.” What, like eat ice cream off of it? We wouldn’t do anything other than giving her the same tired sex any average guy would. It’s why we’d rather watch Mazzaratie than approach a woman with a comparable body.

Mazzaratie Monica doggystyle in "Big Booty Cable Duty"

*Back on the floor and dead again*

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