Bunny De La Cruz isn’t paying $250 for bowling lessons

Today we’re watching Bunny De La Cruz and Juan in “Bunny’s Bowling Balls” from Plumper Pass.

Bunny De La Cruz is a terrible bowler. Staff member Juan wants to help her, but his price for private lessons is far too high. He outkicked his network coverage with that call. So Bunny offers that ass for free lessons. Because not being a terrible bowler is important to her. Apparently.

Juan Largo Bunny's Bowling Balls

I have always been curious about how many shoes a bowling alley carries. I keep expecting someone to tell me they ran out of 11.5’s, but magically they never do. The dumbest shit fascinates me.

Bunny De La Cruz Tits Bunny's Bowling Balls

Did that really require that much of an explanation? Admittedly, Bunny doesn’t say much, but she says this as if she has to prove her worth to pay for time on a lane. And in case you forgot this was porn and not a straight-to-DVD Kingpin sequel, TITTIES!

Bunny De La Cruz Juan Largo Bunny's Bowling Balls

Can we take a moment to appreciate how good of a staff member Juan is? We have seen him clean the shoes, do finances, and provide excellent customer service to Bunny with no help. He’s gotta be the Employee of the Month, no?

Bunny De La Cruz Bowling Gif

Is she practicing, or is she learning how to bowl for the first time? If Bunny was just bored at home and couldn’t summon readily available dick via a mobile phone, she could’ve just said so.

Bunny De La Cruz Juan Largo

Ha! That is admittedly adorable, nice work Plumper Pass. For novice bowlers like myself and Bunny, this is what makes bowling frustrating. We feel like we do all the things we’re supposed to only to end up in the gutter.

Juan Largo Bunny De La Cruz Bowling

Great sexual innuendo. I’m sure Juan’s balls will be slapping against Bunny’s sweet spot in a bit, amirite? Ah fuck you, I’m corny. This is also decent bowling advice. Instead of aiming for the pins, just aim for the markers and keeping the ball straight.

Bunny De La Cruz Bunny's Bowling Balls

Kegel Training Center (which I swear to you is a real name) gives you a half-day private bowling lesson for $210. So get the fuck outta here with $200 per hour. It’s a cheap looking bowling alley anyway.

Bunny De La Cruz Bunny's Bowling Balls

It’s porn Bunny, so absolutely. I’m sure some women near the top of Fortune 500 companies, unfortunately, suck dick for trash executives still living in the ’50s. But there are others who foolishly suck dick for something as simple as bowling lessons. I once watched an episode of Maury where a girl gave the pussy up for a bag of chips.

Bunny De La Cruz Juan Largo

He took the action to a different spot, only for it to be as non-private as where they were before. This is intergalactically dumb. I know the place is hurting for money, but anyone could walk in on them right now. Why not just fuck in the shoe room?

Bunny De La Cruz Tit Sucking

As Juan continues to lick Bunny’s many curves, I’m starting to wonder if there are any cameras following this? You know, I bet this is the type of place that can afford physical cameras, but not the actual ability to capture and record anything.

Bunny De La Cruz Big Ass GIF

Here dat big ol’ butt that you’re walkin cross the street with
Peep this, for a happy meal can I squeeze it.

Gawd I loved Project Pat. What a dumb fucking song. If there were such a thing as a Mount Rushmore of big ass pornstars, Bunny De La Cruz deserves consideration. Good googly moogly, that thing is juicy.

Bunny De La Cruz Big Ass Riding

Look, if you’re downloading a Bunny De La Cruz scene, it’s because of that ass. This isn’t complicated. Why did we spend 16 minutes of yadda, yadda about over-priced bowling lessons to finally see her bounce that ass on some dick?

Bunny De La Cruz Reverse Cowgirl

This is all very hot. Bunny is fantastic, and you should go out of your way to buy her work. But this also has to be extremely uncomfortable. Would I look forward to fucking Bunny enough to deal with hard, synthetic wood flooring? Abso-fucking-lutely!

Bunny De La Cruz cumshot

Now that Juan has released and cum to his senses, is he still going to charge Bunny for her time on the lane? Is Bunny going to go back to practice? I wish porn scenes did more follow-up after the cumshot.

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