Daughters Kendall Woods and Riley King get swapped for sneaking out

Today we’re watching Kendall Woods and Riley King in “Trade Twins To Forgive Sins” from Daughter Swap.

Kendall and Riley return home seven hours after curfew. Their fathers won’t allow the two to hang out ever again. So Kendall and Riley opt to change the fathers’ minds by fucking them. Because this is the shit that happens in a world without mothers. Or girlfriends. Or sex workers.

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Bad news for those who use hashtags to reminisce on a daughter’s youth or show appreciation for men taking time to be great fathers. Daughter Swap is ready to fuck the whole game up. #ShesAllGrownUp #HelpingDaddyWin

Kendall Woods Riley King Daughter Swap

I don’t understand people who tell drivers to hurry up. First off, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Or get a fucking car. Second, bitch, you’re not that important. No Uber driver is breaking speed limits for you.

Kendall Woods Riley King Daughter Swap

Does Kendall not know how to get to her own house or recognize when she’s just a mile away? This is precisely how folks get kidnapped and don’t escape for three months. They don’t even realize they’re only four blocks from home.

Juan Largo Daughter Swap

I know this scene is going to take a wrong turn with the dads, but in fairness, this is a legit fear when a loved one is missing.

During my late-teen years, my dad and I didn’t live in the same home, but he would let me borrow his car. One day, I was supposed to bring the car to his place but was busy being a dumbass because I didn’t understand the “check engine” light always comes on for a few seconds when starting a car.

It took three hours to get the car checked out (because again, I was a dumbass), and in that time my dad called all the local police stations thinking I got arrested because his car registration wasn’t up-to-date.

Which is all to say this: when your parents do not hear from you for long stretches of time, it is engrained in their parental DNA to call every hospital, jail, and shared contact within 120 miles to figure out where you are.

Kendall Woods Riley King Daughter Swap

Damn, that’s egregious. Kendall and Riley not looking at their phones until thirty minutes past midnight is acceptable. They’re having fun and lost track of time. But seven hours? That’s just intentionally saying “fuck your curfew.”

Kendall Woods Riley King Daughter Swap

As long as you’re still living with your parents and have a curfew, you’re not officially grown. Being over the age of 18 doesn’t make a person “grown,” the same way graduating from college doesn’t make someone “educated.”

JB Rodeo Daughter Swap

Let’s give it up to JB Rodeo for his excellent character work. For those of you lucky enough to live in a world of timeouts and corners, JB just put on his black voice to tell Kendall to STFU. She’s about two syllables away from getting smacked in the mouth.

Kendall Woods Riley King Daughter Swap GIF

… Oh shit.

Kendall Woods Riley King Daughter Swap

Get all the way the fuck out of here. Is this a real plan two friends would come up with? The sex game is out of control. I hope I never have a daughter. I hope my friends never have daughters.

And the fact the girls instigate this doesn’t absolve the dads. I know porn likes to play the “how can you blame them” card, but we can definitely blame the dads for what’s about to happen. That Kendall and Riley can’t even break curfew by no more than an hour shows their level of judgment. The dads know better.

Kendall Woods Riley King Daughter Swap


Why are y’all looking at anything? Shake the shit out of these two! And why in the hell would either man want to see their own daughter fucking the other guy? Fucking, fuck, this scene is making my head explode.

Kendall Woods Riley King Daughter Swap

Oooh, you trash-ass motherfucker. THIS is why the world needs mothers. Without a woman supervising them, men just settle on being the worst possible versions of themselves.

Kendall Woods Riley King Daughter Swap GIF

Am I terrible for laughing at this part? I’m terrible for laughing at this part.

Kendall Woods Riley King Blowjob

Eww. It’s bad enough the dads are getting blowjobs from Kendall and Riley. Now, these motherfuckers are touching knees. I don’t care how “all in” they are with this. Limb-to-limb contact ain’t a part of a gameplan.

Kendall Woods Riley King Foursome

I was watching Berserk: Golden Age Arc III – The Advent. Spoiler alert, there is a scene where Griffith, reborn as Femto, rapes Casca right in front of Guts. Casca begs Guts not to look at her. That’s like, some powerful shit, right?

Guts can’t save Casca, and the first thing Casca can think to tell him is not to see what was happening. She understood what having that image planted in his memory would do to him. Even more, she didn’t want that to be the way Guts sees her.

The dads are doing everything in their power not to look across and watch their daughters get fucked. Having to see that is typically accompanied by a declaration of war. It’s something they could never burn from their memories.

The friendship between Kendall and Riley might hold up from this, but what about the dads? I wish Daughter Swap did a side series called “Life After the Swap.” Just a bunch of regretful dads coping with their terrible decisions, and the mothers who try to kill them.


Kendall Woods Cumshot

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  1. I’ve tried watching a few of this type of genre but the dudes kinda creep me out…most chicks don’t watch porn to get off…but I actually love looking at porn…so I will check out your blog again for sure❤️


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