Gamer girl Carolina Sweets offers sex for a reduced deposit

Today we’re watching Carolina Sweets in “Help Me Pay the Rent” from Property Sex.

Carolina is looking for an apartment. She makes money streaming video games but doesn’t have enough for a deposit. Naturally, she offers some pussy to cover the remaining costs. I would laugh if she’s unable to pay rent next month.

Carolina Sweets Property Sex

I’m not sure how he defines “nice,” but this security door indeed isn’t it. Also, the door may make the apartment secure, but it suggests that the apartment community isn’t. If the area were truly safe, a security door wouldn’t even be necessary.

Carolina Sweets Property Sex

Can a landlord show an apartment that is still occupied? If I’m not mistaken, this is true in California as long as the landlord shows the apartment during business hours and with advance notice to the tenants.

This seems like a bad idea, no? I understand not wanting to miss a month of collecting rent, but that isn’t worth the risk of showing a dirty apartment, or tenants trying to sabotage the showing due to pettiness. Besides, landlords should want time to evaluate an apartment and see what repairs are needed.

Carolina Sweets Property Sex

Those are necessary kitchen appliances in most apartments. I have never rented an apartment and had to worry about whether it would have a refrigerator or stove. A microwave, sure. But are you telling me there are cities where people rent kitchen appliances separately or have to pack them each time they move?

Carolina Sweets Property Sex

That desk area is some #1 bullshit. It’s dependent on the tenant having a laptop instead of a desktop and only has two outlets. There is no reason for Carolina Sweets to act impressed by this.

Carolina Sweets Ass

I do not understand these camera shots.

If the camera is just the guy’s point of view, then this shot of Carolina’s ass would require him to be kneeling or crouching. That would make no fucking sense. If this isn’t his point of view, then he’s filming Carolina with a handheld camera. That’s wholly unnecessary for showing an apartment and Caroline should’ve questioned him by now.

Carolina Sweets Property Sex

Typically a mirror is placed above the sink, not a window. When I’m shaving, I don’t think to myself, boy, it sure is nice to look at the parking lot. I need my reflection! Who designed this place?

Carolina Sweets Property Sex

Serious question: what if you don’t want or can’t use the bed? It’s possible a tenant has a medical issue that requires them to sleep on a specific type of mattress. It’s even more possible that a tenant hates the bed.

Other serious question: who includes a bed in an apartment? This isn’t a guest room. Something tells me Carolina will appreciate the bed, but Including a washer and dryer would be a better amenity.

Carolina Sweets Property Sex

Why you fucking lying? This is the type of conversation to have with a 21-year-old BEFORE showing the apartment. Not to mention, she needs $4800 just for the deposit, which is outrageous. If having a 703 credit score while being white nets a $4800 deposit, then the rest of us are screwed.

Gamergirl Carolina Sweets Property Sex

Fuck Carolina for realizing dudes are weird and taking advantage. No wonder all the strip clubs in Atlanta are dying off. They’d probably be better off investing in PS4s and having the dancers play NBA 2K for tips. Also, good luck getting approved without a stable salary or paystubs.

Carolina Sweets Property Sex

Yes, Carolina, you can figure out how to get the remaining $1600. This is why more women need to be in ownership. I know sex workers use pussy to generate revenue, but pussy isn’t an actual currency that can keep a business afloat. No woman is putting her business in the red over some dick. Dick is disposable.

Carolina Sweets GIF

It was inappropriate for you to stare at Carolina’s ass in the bathroom (I’m still assuming the camera represents his eyes and not an actual camera). Carolina is wise enough to know you’re either going to court for sexual harassment or fucking her for a reduced deposit. Both of you are in the wrong, but you, sir, aren’t that smart.

Carolina Sweets Tits

That’s … actually reasonable. Sex doesn’t need to be involved. Why not let Carolina pay what she has now then pay the rest when she moves in? Just make a portion of the deposit non-refundable to test how serious she is about taking the apartment.

Carolina Sweets Reverse Cowgirl

I know I skipped over a lot of sex. 19 minutes to be exact. Don’t worry, it’s everything you’ve seen before. But again, what’s the fucking deal with the camera?!

Based on how the scene has been filmed, we should be seeing the sex from the guy’s point of view. Instead, we’re getting the action in third-person. If this is a camera the guy has been carrying, then WHY HASN’T CAROLINA SAID SOMETHING? I know its porn and logic doesn’t matter, but fucking fuck!

Carolina Sweets Cumshot

Isn’t the apartment still occupied? This dumbass is risking soiling the bed with his penis colada. Now he either has to get the sheets washed and dried (which takes time and money) or Febreze the bejeesus out of it until the smell of pussy and Old Spice is gone.

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Teen Carolina Sweets

Carolina might want to get that in writing. Hell, they should’ve fleshed out a contract before dick-in-orifice contact.

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