Krissy Lynn makes Aubrey Sinclair taste her "organic juices"

Today we explain Krissy Lynn and Aubrey Sinclair in “Get Her Juices Flowing” from Brazzer’s Hot and Mean.

In this scene, barista Aubrey is too distracted by Krissy’s tits to do her job. After receiving a hot flash from an errant drink order and stripping off her top, Krissy opts to make Aubrey taste her “organic juices.” This will somehow make Aubrey a more focused worker.

krissy lynn pours juice on tits GIF

We open with … Krissy pouring real fruit juice on her body.  I had no idea what she was squeezing on her tits and had to look up Ocean Spray fruit juices to figure it out (it was grapefruit). Fuck knows what the green stuff is.

krissy lynn aubrey sinclair hot and mean

Once that’s done, we get to Aubrey. She’s a barista for one of those high-class organic bars that white people love and black people living in affluent neighborhoods learn to love. Please note, there are no customers.

krissy lynn aubrey sinclair GIF

Aubrey suddenly does the man thing of visioning herself rubbing on Krissy’s titty balls, establishing who is interested in who. Amazingly, Aubrey perfectly maps out what Krissy’s tits look like. She must have x-ray vision.

krissy lynn get her juices flowing porn

After Aubrey snaps out of her trans trance, she finally does some customer servicing, but Krissy is upset over being called “ma’am,” establishing who will be the “mean” in “Hot and Mean”.

First off, bitch calm the fuck down. Second, anyone in the service industry knows that calling a woman “ma’am” is a dangerous move. It’s not rude per se, but it’s an ego-bruiser as it implies a woman’s age.

krissy lynn hot and mean brazzers

Krissy gives her order and asks Aubrey to hurry as she’s three hours late for a manicure appointment. This is every suburban mom at Starbucks: the world is theirs, the kid threw up, she’s running late, and express coffee will fix it.

aubrey sinclair grapefuit hot and mean

Aubrey begins work on Krissy’s order and starts fondling a half-split grapefruit that looks like tits before trancing back to her sex illusions. I–I don’t know what to make of this. Sex drives are a weird thing.

krissy lynn hot and mean porn

Bitch, make your own green juice, then! Krissy wants Aubrey to work a little faster. To Krissy’s credit, Aubrey is busy getting wet over orbs of sugar. This makes me wonder how long Aubrey has been taking, and why she had to go to a separate room to make the juice?

krissy lynn big tits aubrey sinclair

After Krissy takes a sip of the drink, she has a hot flash. Stress, sugary beverages, and tight clothing can do that. Because this place lacks customers, she lets her tits loose and requests ice while Aubrey is a step closer to her vision coming true. That sly girl!

krissy lynn upset over spinach

A still topless Krissy demands to see what Aubrey put in the drink. It is revealed that *dun dun duuuun!!!* Aubrey accidentally used regular and not organic spinach. This is why you shouldn’t rush people. Hurts accuracy.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between organic and conventional spinach, apparently organic spinach won’t have human-made pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, GMOs, antibiotics or growth hormones, or irradiation. What the fuck did I just type?

aubrey sinclair ass porn

And in case you forgot you were watching porn and not a shitty work PSA on the dangers of getting orders wrong or mishandling food, here is a shot of Aubrey’s ass in short shorts!

krissy lynn confronts aubrey sinclair porn

Back to the story, a forever topless Krissy gets aggressive with Aubrey, pouring out the spinach (unnecessary) and putting her hand on Aubrey’s throat (definitely unnecessary). Krissy reveals she knows Aubrey was staring at her tits.

krissy lynn fingers aubrey sinclair porn

And then Krissy commits sexual assault. You’re probably thinking, but Aubrey wants Krissy, their both women, and this will turn into sex. Yes, because it’s porn. But IRL, Aubrey was just groped without consent. Be better than that.

krissy lynn aubrey sinclair hot and mean porn

That sounds gross. Adults are terrible at dirty talk. Krissy demands Aubrey eats her out, and we all know Aubrey will comply. I’m curious about Krissy’s story. I bet Krissy hasn’t fucked her husband in a while, walks around perpetually bitchy, and saw an opportunity.

aubrey sinclair eats krissy lynn pussy porn

AND WE’RE OFF!! Launch time: seven minutes and roughly 40 seconds.

lesbian aubrey sinclair eat krissy lynn porn

Krissy starts getting mouthy, ordering Aubrey to “lick it better” and calling her a “dirty little slut.” Which, in fairness and without slut-shaming, anyone eating pussy around food meant to be served is pretty dirty. That’s a health code violation. Can Aubrey taste the organic juices, yet?

krissy lynn spank aubrey sinclair porn GIF

After Krissy gets too comfortable and starts kissing Aubrey (never a good idea for potential “one hit and quit” sex), Krissy spanks Aubrey. This adds new wrinkles to Krissy’s character. I’ll explain later.

krissy lynn eat aubrey sinclair pussy porn

Considering she never got to drink her green juice, Krissy decides to taste Aubrey organic juices. Yep, still sounds gross. Though according to Broadly, eating pussy could be useful for health as it may be full of probiotic bacteria.

It’s the same healthy bacteria Dannon Activia boasts about with its yogurt. The trick is, ten to 10,000 grams of vaginal fluid would have to be swallowed to be effective. In other words, Krissy has A LOT of face-humping to get through.

krissy lynn aubrey sinclair facesitting

Krissy makes Aubrey lay on the spinach, which Krissy says is Aubrey’s mess. Video evidence says otherwise. We then get a hot face-sitting session as we get a look at Aubrey’s converse sneakers. It’s the perfect sneaker to wear in porn when trying to avoid logos.

krissy lynn aubrey sinclair oral

Krissy continues upping her gram count but says something revealing. In mentioning this being about her pleasure, we can theorize that Krissy lives a life of always having to please others. It’s never about her. Now she can get what she wants … a 21-year-old barista’s pussy.

krissy lynn twerk aubrey sinclair GIF

There isn’t much more to add. We are 11 minutes into Krissy and Aubrey fucking without a single customer walking in on them. I just wanted to point out Krissy twerking on Aubrey’s mouth while on all fours. Never seen that before and it’s hot as all hell.

krissy lynn aubrey sinclair kiss porn

21 minutes in and Krissy finally says the thing we have been thinking: she’s sexually frustrated and Aubrey was a welcome target. But it also seems Krissy is genuinely taking a liking to Aubrey.

krissy lynn aubrey sinclair suck tits

The two engage in sucking on Krissy’s tit. Adorable. Earlier, Krissy was being a bitch and literally at Aubrey’s throat. Now the two are sharing. I can’t wait for Krissy’s husband to discover Aubrey is her side piece before having a threesome.

krissy lynn takes aubrey sinclair panties

After ending with some scissoring, Krissy walks out with Aubrey’s panties, still topless and now three and a half hours late for that manicure appointment. That fruit reeks of sex now.

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