Virgo Peridot does anal training by putting a bottle up her ass

Today we’re watching Virgo Peridot in “New Year’s Anal Resolution” from Plumper Pass. The scene is what you think it is except for the involvement of a champagne bottle.

Virgo Peridot in Plumper Pass' New Anal Resolution

Is this a different anal resolution from the previous year’s? Is Virgo resolving to do more anal as opposed to more exercise? Let’s find out.

Virgo Peridot in Plumper Pass' New Anal Resolution

Don’t connect your resolutions and goals to other people, Virgo. Be independent. Find a hobby.

Virgo Peridot in Plumper Pass' New Anal Resolution

Did he stand by while this happened? Guys get pretty aggressive while drunk on New Year’s Day. Bet most of the dudes were black, which isn’t racist. It’s a bad yet accurate stereotype. I would know.

Virgo Peridot in Plumper Pass' New Anal Resolution

Virgo Peridot wants to do anal this New Year’s Day.

Virgo gets to the point. I would’ve laughed if she suggested something not as compelling like starting a book club.

Virgo Peridot in Plumper Pass' New Anal Resolution

Juan wants to make sure his definition of anal is the same as Virgo Peridot’s

I’m sorry, what do you mean by “what do you mean ‘anal?'” I doubt she wants to peg you, so this sounds self-explanatory.

Virgo Peridot in Plumper Pass' New Anal Resolution

Thank you, Virgo, for the clarification, you’re a national treasure.

I’m indifferent toward anal sex. Anal sex is visually amazing in porn. Mike Adriano proved this. But pussy feels just fine. Putting my dick in a girl’s ass is no less sanitary than putting it in her mouth, but it doesn’t feel that way.

I get that anal sex is less intimate, there’s a novelty to it (because men are only satisfied with one thing for so long), and men are secretly intrigued by butt stuff. But the idea of fucking a girl up her ass does nothing for me. I think about wet wipes.

Also, is it common for women to request anal sex? Without research, I don’t feel like it is. Though if she legitimately wants to try it (as opposed to thinking it will make her partner happy), I can’t blame any dude for complying.

And having said all that, I look forward to Virgo Peridot getting entered in her exit. Now, where did we leave off?

Virgo Peridot in Plumper Pass' New Anal Resolution

Virgo Peridot has done with anal training with the same champagne bottle they’re drinking

I bet the “little somethin’ somethin'” was the champagne bottle they just drank from. (Spoiler alert: It was.)

Virgo Peridot Twerking GIF

We are no closer to the anal resolution promised, but gazing at Virgo’s ass makes up for it.

virgo peridot gets champagne poured on pussy

Drinking champagne off a girl’s pussy? That–that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

virgo peridot champagne blowjob GIF

Virgo giving a blowjob with champagne in her mouth looks like she gargled the jizz of an entire neighborhood. Or nightclub. Lest we forget, she was hit on a lot.

virgo peridot big ass doggystyle

It’s light outside. Unless we are to believe these two got home at 8:00 in the morning and have the energy for sex, would it have been that difficult to film this at night?

virgo peridot big ass riding GIF

Well, this shot just made me jizz my George men’s knit jogger shorts, how about you? Also, that bed is going to break.

virgo peridot champagne bottle in ass

Dude, she said she already did this. Although, even with a little practice, a warm-up is helpful. This is why people get injured at the gym. You need to stretch a bit and get the blood pumping.

virgo peridot anal

Forty minutes in, 40 FUCKING MINUTES IN, and we finally have lift off. Virgo’s ass can placate us but so much.

virgo peridot cumshot on big ass

I want to make sure I got this right. It took 40 minutes to get to the main event, and then the main event lasted only eight minutes. This proportionally makes sense for a pro wrestling event, but not porn. We didn’t even get the money shot of Virgo doing anal doggystyle.

I’m stupid for complaining about this, and you’re dumber for agreeing with me. Since anal should feel tighter than pussy, that Juan lasted eight minutes sans condom is impressive. But man, that’s a letdown.

Want to see the full scene without me interrupting? Of course, you do. Grab a membership with Plumper Pass and download this and other full-length scenes.

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