I like Jennica Lynn. I’m just trying to better understand why.

When creating a ranking of every pornstar I have ever liked, I knew Jennica Lynn would make the top of the list. Being an analytic person, it didn’t matter what metric or system I used. My top choice was never in question.

The 30 people I cared to rank had one commonality: bigness. The first five names alone set the tone for what I like in my porn. But what is it about Jennica Lynn’s bigness that stands above the rest?

Figuring out what pornstars we like is a matter of attraction. While all of us have one or two things that mainly attract us, attraction overall is varied. Porn works as an instrument to figure out what all of those attractions are.

Think of attraction like a pie chart. Numerous traits and appearances catch our attention, but they don’t necessarily grab our attention equally.

I’m highly attracted to big tits, big asses, and curvy, voluptuous bodies. But that doesn’t close me out to other women who don’t fit those physical attributes. I also like athletic bodies, bubble butts, a broad range of skin tones and a host of different looks.

My list showed one slice of my attraction spectrum. There’s another slice with names like Mary Moody and Joseline Kelly. There’s a slice for macromastia, black women, MILFs, and a soft spot for Charlotte Sarte.

We like a lot of things, and porn has an outstanding collection of women to fit all of them. Over time, we get a better idea of which things attract us more.

I’ve liked big butts since high school, but I never knew I loved bigger women until coming across BBW porn. Or maybe, instead, I developed an attraction for big women through porn.

It’s like a chain reaction. Looking at big butts led to looking at huge butts. That then led to Mazzaratie Monica who led to Klaudia Kelly. They led to looking up BBW porn. That led to finding Plumper Pass and XL Girls. And somewhere at the end of that trail, there’s Jennica Lynn.

Here’s how I know I like Jennica more than the rest: My oven could be on fire, but if Pornhub has a new video of Jennica, I have to determine what’s the bigger priority. Every other pornstar can wait till tomorrow.

And here’s why I think I would react that way to a Jennica Lynn video: she takes up a bigger portion of the attraction pie. And no, that’s not a play on words because she’s a bigger woman. A more significant percentage of what I like describes her: huge natural tits, big butt, plump body, sweet smile, cute, and the appearance of being approachable.

And one a far more simple level, just look at her! Check out her Instagram. Or her ManyVids page. Need to see a quick video to get the point? Fine, here’s something from XVideos. It’s not rocket surgery. Jennica has got some big ass titties.

But while I uphold the philosophy that porn is porn, I’m still fascinated by me liking some pornstars more than others. She’s like the dream girl. And as with all things in porn, I’ll be left to keep dreaming.

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