Lela Star in “Riding The Wife”: a story of infidelity and surfboarding

It’s Avengers: Endgame week! Today we look at Brazzers’ “Riding The Wife” featuring Lela Star and Johnny Sins.

Lela Starr’s husband wants to live out a fantasy of surfing. Lela isn’t interested until she sees who the surf instructor is. With the husband being oblivious, Lela lives out a fantasy of her own: not fucking her husband.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star Big Ass GIF

We begin with a montage of Lela Star and her ass enhancements. I want to say I don’t find Lela’s new cheeks appealing, but then I see a shot like this and go, “Yup, I’d be all in.”

Ride the Wife - Lela Star

We open the real scene with this dorkasaurus. Guys out-kicking their coverage is a common porn trope. He must be one hell of a provider.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star surf lessons

He reveals they will take surfing lessons for their honeymoon. That’s a dope gift if his spouse were another man. Lela doesn’t look like the surfing type. Maybe a lay on the board and take in the sun type.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star

He reveals that surfing with a “hot chick” is a fantasy of his. Sir, you’re already living the dream by being married to Lela while wearing that shirt. Scale back.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star's not interested in surfing

Lela was expecting something more romantic as surfing is “life-threatening.” Better cancel those plans for the four-hour night shark excursion. A shame considering the Groupon was only $299.

Ride the Wife - Johnny Sins

Surfing instructor Johnny Sins is here, and he is going to fuck up this marriage. He’s like Bradley Cooper. The minute he walks into a room, someone is bound to cheat on someone.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star

With Lela’s interest renewed, the only thing left is to see how Lela gets to the endgame. There are 14,000,605 possible outcomes for the coming conflict. Seeing how this is porn, every outcome leads to Lela banging Johnny.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star Big Ass

Johnny starts the lesson by suggesting Lela tighten her core to get on the board. Lela then asks about tightening her glutes for three reasons: she has a lot of ass, she wants Johnny to notice, and women have weird flirting techniques.

Ride the Wife - Johnny Sins squeezes Lela Star's ass GIF

The line of questioning results in Lela having Johnny touch her ass. Bold move, let’s see if it pays off for her. And in case you’re wondering, the husband is napping during all of this.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star's big tits

Lela exposes her nipples to the sun, and WE’RE OFF!!! Launch time: Four minutes and 17 seconds.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star gets pussy eaten

With the husband in a deep sleep, and with zero concern for losing his job, Johnny goes for the early kill shot and eats Lela’s pussy.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star and Johnny Sins

The husband wakes up, and Johnny asks him to grab some water as the lesson is getting “really intense.” First off, the lessons are in a pool. How intense can they get? Second, his boner is showing.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star blowjob

Lela and Johnny get back to business with a blowjob. That water must be a mile away. Although, even if the husband caught her, I doubt he would break things off. He looks like the type to blame himself.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star titfuck

We then get some titfucking where Johnny comments that being a surf instructor pays off. He must be referring to pussy payments. Surf instructors make a salary requiring a second gig. Or privilege.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star blowjob behind surfboard

The husband returns and Lela hides behind the surfboard to continue to blowjob. I shouldn’t have to explain why this is galactically stupid.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star doggystyle GIF

Rather than take one step to the right, the husband takes a bathroom break. So Johnny and Lela decide to bone. The husband is going to be disappointed when he learns Lela is no closer to learning how to surf.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star gets fucked behind surfboard

Seven minutes later and the husband is back. That was an extended bathroom break. Because he isn’t a bit perplexed by Lela randomly peeking from behind a surfboard, she tells him to go the beach and find Johnny for his lesson. This works.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star big ass GIF

Now completely naked, Johnny mounts Lela on the surfboard and pushes her to the other side of the pool. We then get–whatever this is supposed to be.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star riding GIF

Comfortably seated on a lounge chair, we get the money shot of Lela’s big ass riding Johnny. Because remember, the husband is wandering on the beach and is never coming back.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star cowgirl GIF

The fucking between Johnny and Lela got so loud a bird in the background decided to leave. I respect Johnny’s endurance, but fucking for eternity is risky when the husband can return at any second.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star cumshot

We get our cumshot, but with two minutes left, we are sure to get a post-credits scene …

Ride the Wife - Lela Star and Johnny Sins

… And it’s Johnny and Lela talking about her relationship. I’m not surprised Lela’s husband isn’t much in bed, but chatting while STILL naked doesn’t seem prudent.

Ride the Wife - Lela Star and Johnny Sins

The husband finally makes his triumphant return, only for Lela to go for the ultimate disrespect and say, “It isn’t what it looks like.” Not sure what else this looks like. I guess Lela is now divorced and free to fuck whomever she wants without having to hide about tall objects.

Want to see the full scene without me interrupting? Of course, you do. Grab a membership with Brazzers to download “Riding the Wife” and other full-length scenes.

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