Pornhub knows me better than anyone with its recommended videos

The most efficient technology in watching is porn is Pornhub’s ability to recommend other videos based on viewing patterns.

If I have not said it yet, I’ll say it now: there is WAY too much porn out there. To prove my point, I just searched for “super pawg” (which is like The Hulk to Bruce Banner’s pawg) and got 2037 relevant video results.

I don’t have time to scan through 2037 videos and growing. I have a busy day of eating, napping, and watching Netflix.

YouTube has a similar non-porn related issue, but YouTube is also terrible at recommending videos. Its suggestions are just videos we’ve already seen or content from publishers we go to frequently.

Those aren’t recommendations. That’s just keeping an inventory of our viewing history.

So I checked to see if Pornhub has the same problem by looking at the trends in my “Recommended Videos.”

Graph of recommended Pornhub categories and tags

Graph of Pornhub’s recommended categories and tags (out of 21 videos)

Out of the 21 videos recommended, 100% of them fell under the “Big Ass” or “Big Tits” category. 85% of the videos fit in the “BBW” category. The next three categories (coming in at 52%) were “Amateur,” “Solo Female,” and “MILF.”

Tags work a little different than categories. Tags get a little more detailed and specific, while categories try to capture as much as possible under one umbrella. Even so, there were strong trends with the tags.

85% of videos had tags related to big tits. 76% were related to big butts. And 66% related to girls who were chubby or curvy. Other frequent tags included bbw, pawg, and milf.

The most viewed video was a Francesca Le scene (which makes sense considering her more universal popularity). The longest scene was 155 minutes of Cassie0pia playing with a dildo. The highest-rated scene was four minutes of Mal Malloy rubbing herself with oil.

There were even models/pornstars who appeared multiple times in videos. Women include Cassie0pia (known for having insanely huge tits), Egg2025 (a Pornhub Verified Amateur with a huge butt), and Mal Malloy (who has vast curves).

Cassie0pia, Mal Malloy, Egg2025 and Ronnidark

Recommended pornstars (left to right, clockwise): Cassie0pia, Mal Malloy, Egg2025, Ronnidark

Pornhub also recommends pornstars and categories. Predictably, five of the six categories were BBW, MILF, Webcam, Big Ass, and Big Tits (the abnormality was Cartoon, though I can see how 3D porn can offer the visuals I like). Four of the six suggested pornstars were Jennica Lynn, Codi Vore, Summer Hart, and Mal Malloy.

So what do all of these numbers mean? My porn preferences typically involve women with huge natural tits, big butts and curvy bodies. I watch more solo, webcam videos of amateurs than straight sex with well-known names. And being a MILF doesn’t hurt.

Pornhub understands me. Rather than travel between over 2000 videos, Pornhub strays me in a better direction to really find what works for me.

Thanks for saving me so much time when searching for porn.

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