Riley Star’s scene on Dad Crush implies corruption of a minor. That’s scary.

We looked at “Horny Hiking With My Stepdad” earlier this week. It’s a Dad Crush scene where Riley Star fucks her stepdad while hiking. Self-explanatory. But there’s a problem.

There’s one part that’s hard for me to overlook. The stepdad mentions a game Riley used to play where she would nibble on something. Riley responds with, “that was when I was really young.”

Riley giving the stepdad a handjob follows these lines, and it’s later revealed that “nibble on something” is code for sucking his dick. This both makes no fucking sense and all the sense in the world in the context of sex, porn, and coded language.

But knowing this brings us back to how Riley responded: “That was when I was really young.” (Note: Emphasis is mine.) Listen, Riley looks really young in the present, like right now. So how much younger was she when she would “nibble on something?”

Dad Crush is making a dangerous implication as a byproduct of what I want to believe is poor scripting: corruption of a minor. Depending on where you live in the United States, this can also be known as “statutory rape.”

I’m guessing the more appropriate response to the suggestion to “nibble on something” would’ve been, “it’s been a long time,” or, “that was years ago.” Something to suggest the past referred to isn’t too far separated from the present.

Instead, what Riley says implies she might have had sexual contact with the stepdad before the age of consent. “Really young” feels like teenage years (like middle or high school) when told by someone in their early-20’s. (Note: Riley Star is 22 years old.)

Is this thinking too profoundly about porn? Absolutely. Is it still troubling and uncomfortable? Yes, it is.

While anything but ordinary, we’ve been willing to let porn normalize sexual relationships between step-parents and step-children. We’ve been willing to believe these relationships happen behind closed doors more than we think (which isn’t to say it happens a lot). The portrayal from porn has always been of step-children who are open but not innocent, can be persuaded, and college-age.

And we accept this. We accept this balance porn gives us. One where we know the dynamic is twisted, but at least everyone is a consenting adult. No one has to feel all-the-way gross. No one has to feel all-the-way uncomfortable with the fantasy.

But Riley Star’s scene blows those doors wide open. Even if on accident, Dad Crush is hinting that these relationships can start at an early age for the step-children, an age where the step-parent could be using a position of power to their advantage. That’s all-the-way gross.

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