Riley Reid gets more than a little friendly with a music performer

Today we’re looking at “More Than a Little Friendly” from It features Riley Reid, Jason Luv, and Joss Lescaf.

Music festival organizer Riley Reid has her eyes set on performer Bullet. While being tag teamed by Bullet and his manager wasn’t in the plans, being in the same vicinity of Bullet was at least a part of Riley’s goal. So, mission accomplished?

Riley books Bullet in the same hotel as her in hopes of getting a little friendly. But let’s not pretend he isn’t fully compliant and engaged in her plot. While Bullet including his manager is forced, the resulting action is fantastic and culminates in a great double penetration scene.

Babe Riley Reid on

Someone enjoyed Lost. We open up with a flash-forward of the double penetration action we (and subsequently, Riley) will get later. The effect is pretty cool and serves as a nice teaser.

Cute Riley Reid from

We’re then introduced to Riley Reid. She’s an organizer for a music festival where she books hotel rooms for the performers. I assume she has other responsibilities. Otherwise, this would be a waste of salary. Although, white people seem to make good money doing the most straightforward jobs, so anything is possible.

Sweet Riley Reid and Jason Luv from

Riley explains that she gives certain performers “priorities.” She’s not referring to first class flights or limo service. Instead, it’s the chance to be booked in the same hotel as Riley and have a shot at her. That’s quite the vagenda as Riley has a high opinion of her pussy.

Jason Luv from

We’re then introduced to Bullet (Jason Luv). I’m glad he didn’t go with Lil’ Bullet. He’s one of Riley’s “priority” performers as the two get flirty and more than a little friendly (roll credits).

Riley Reid, Jason Luv and Joss Lescaf from

A smaller gentleman (Joss Lescaf) interrupts saying Bullet has to leave for his performance. Is it still cock-blocking if the cock-blocker is looking out for the best interest of the blocked? Comment below with your thoughts.

Cute babe Riley Reid and Jason Luve

Bullet is irritated as this is the only opportunity a musician worthy of a luxury hotel has to find a hookup. Before walking away, Bullet invites Riley to his room later. I’m sure he wants to bounce ideas for his newest hit “Who came to beat it up?”

Sweet babe Riley Reid GIF

Riley celebrates her successful dick booking the way my friend celebrates her dick bookings. Getting penis appointments isn’t as easy for women as men want to believe, so excellent work by Riley!

Babe Riley Reid checks phone

Later, Riley (now sporting a blue mini dress) arrives at Bullet’s room. She examines herself on her cell phone to ensure she still looks desirable. Phones can do anything. She also makes sure her jaw is flexible, I think?

Babe Riley Reid and Jason Luv interracial

Before Riley can knock, the door opens, and she immediately gets to necking. Riley looks tiny compared to Jason. I feel like this is how basketball hookups with Instagram models look.

Cute Riley Reid BBC blowjob

We’re three minutes in, and doesn’t waste time getting to the action. These boys don’t get paid by the hour. We open up with a blowjob, so it’s a good thing Riley stretched her jaw out beforehand.

Riley Reid interracial blowjob with Jason Luv

Joss interrupts in the most relaxed way imaginable. He has definitely walked in on Bullet fucking before. Joss feels Bullet should be focusing on his next performance. Bullet feels Joss should “come and get in on some of this.” Riley doesn’t have a say in this, apparently.

Riley Reid double interracial blowjob

Offering up Riley is a bold yet risky move by Bullet. He volunteered both his manager and the organizer for the music festival paying him for a handicap match. Riley never expressly consented, so let’s hope no one crosses any lines (like, I don’t know, putting a dick in her ass).

Riley Reid BBC double penetration GIF

Welp, line crossed. The sex highlight is the hot double penetration action between the three. This was teased earlier in the scene as something Riley wasn’t expecting. I’m not sure anyone expects to be double penetrated hours after flirting with someone, but here we are.

Cute Riley Reid cumshot facial and creampie

We finish things off with a facial from Bullet and a creampie by Joss. I was expecting the inverse. It’s usually the musician who figures he can afford the risk of pregnancy. It’s why we see rappers have random-ass kids with random-ass women. Then Pusha T shames them into being good fathers.

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