Porn's Insane - Heidi and the Dough Boys from Erika Lust's XConfessions

Heidi Switch and the Dough Boys fill a bakery with sex and flour

Today we’re looking at “Heidi and the Dough Boys” from Erika Lust’s XConfessions. It features performers Heidi Switch, Romeo and Bel Gris.

I’ve been eager to do a scene breakdown for XConfessions, which quickly became one of my favorite sites for adult cinema after getting a membership a couple of months back.

The films are based on confessions submitted to the website, essentially bringing stories and fantasies to life. It’s a fantastic concept, and “Heidi and the Dough Boys” is one of the site’s more popular works.

Being attracted to bigger women, I was initially drawn in by performer Heidi Switch, who describes herself as a big girl with a small part and huge story. In the end, I got a marvelous and sensual 15-minute film. There’s a nice bit of mystery to the story and an ending I can honestly say I haven’t seen before.

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys (1 of 12)

We open the scene with written narration from MasaMadre, who submitted this confession to Erika Lust. While what we’re about to see is more fantasy than reality, it’s cool that Erika Lust and the crew bring this fantasy to life.

The narration also serves as a teaser for the story’s central mystery and unanswered question.

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys (2 of 12)

We are introduced to the lovely, plus-sized Heidi Switch. As you can probably guess, I’m smitten with her. She runs a bakery that has been passed down through generations. She was born into the business and is trying to carry the tradition on.

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys (3 of 12)

Unfortunately, unlike those before her, Heidi is a lousy baker. Hey, skills aren’t transferrable. If so, Marcus Jordan would be in the NBA right now. With business struggling, maybe Heidi should consider finding her path after running away to Mexico.

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys (4 of 12)

We are then introduced to Romeo. He is a deaf, mute soldier who would beg for change outside of the bakery before ultimately being hired and living with Heidi. It’s a heady play by Heidi. Not only does she get a partner in the bakery, but she also gets a partner in the bedroom.

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys (5 of 12)

Bel Gris plays the last character. His backstory is of a former composer who was kicked out the Philharmonic Orchestra after fighting and leaving his director with one eye. I refuse to believe Bel is violent. Just look at that face!

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys (6 of 12)

Business is suddenly booming for the bakery, but it’s never said why. It can’t just be because Heidi has a pair of helping hands. Customers ponder that the bread has powerful properties.

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys sex (7 of 12)

Turns out, the working trio is having sex around the dough. In the earlier narration, MasaMadre mentions making “love on top of the table covered in flour, the air full of sweet aromas.” Those “powerful properties” is the aroma of sex filling the bread. That’s wild!

The film is suggesting that the smell of sex has a taste to it. Most of what we’ll see next is Heidi being tasted by the two dough boys. Are the customers getting a hint of what the dough boys are getting in full?

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys pussy eating GIF (8 of 12)

From here, the rest of the scene is one beautiful shot after another of the three having sex on top of the table, covered and flour and dough as described in the confession.

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys oral sex (9 of 12)

There is a ton of foreplay and oral leading up to the intercourse. The filmmakers devote time to the two boys enjoying Heidi’s body. I find this refreshing as it’s more closely relatable to the reality of love-making. Sex isn’t all clanging and banging, bro.

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys BBW sex GIF (10 of 12)

There’s a lot of great moments from the sex, which I’ve been attentive to, for a change. This includes the clip above of Romeo bouncing off Heidi’s plump body as she leans over the table. I would recommend supporting Heidi Switch on Twitter and Instagram. I’d love to see her create more content.

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys oral sex (11 of 12)

After what feels like the 1000th shot of Heidi getting eaten out, I’ll ask the question: are pussy and flour a good combination? Considering how much the boys keep licking her Schw√∂bli, I have to wonder if they’re tasting something I’m not seeing.

XConfessions - Heidi and the Dough Boys woman orgasm GIF (12 of 12)

In a surprise move, the scene doesn’t end with the usual cumshot. Instead, it ends with Heidi having an orgasm while riding Bel. I can’t remember a straight porn scene ending in the woman getting hers. It makes for an awesome moment.

Thanks for reading. Support Erika Lust and XConfessions by getting a membership and downloading this full-length film. They do fantastic work, and I wish more adult films of the same quality featured plus-size models.

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