Porn's Insane - Mandy Muse in "This Slit is Lit" scene breakdown

Mandy Muse’s slit is lit, but gets fingered in the butt instead

Welcome to another scene breakdown! Today we’re watching “This Slit is Lit” featuring Mandy Muse from Sis Loves Me.

Mandy Muse’s stepbrother is annoyed by her leaving doors and windows open during the day. An attempt to teach her a lesson somehow leads to him giving her oral and turning into a zombie in heat. Except he doesn’t want brains. He wants pussy. Can Mandy thwart off his appetite? Of course not, this is porn. The fuck were you expecting?

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 1 of 17)

We open with the stepbrother doing a video blog about how annoying Mandy is. Amongst his list of grievances is that she leaves the main doors and windows open, and lies in her bedroom naked with the door open. These actions make her “crazy.”

First, the only legitimate gripe is leaving the main doors and windows open. That puts the house at risk. This also puts Mandy at risk, but let’s not pretend the stepbrother is concerned about her. He’s more concerned with his Ps4 being stolen.

Second, if you have a problem with Mandy laying in her bedroom naked, consider not walking by her bedroom.  Also, this doesn’t make her “crazy.” It makes her too lazy to close her door and put on shorts and a t-shirt.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 2 of 17)

Stepbro decides the best way to teach Mandy a lesson is to … walk around with his finger pointing? This is the dumbest and most worthless route a reality porn scene has taken to the sex.

There is no reason for this to be filmed, especially for an audience entertained by the thought of women being crazy bitches in need of male protection. A stern conversation with Mandy will do. If the situation needs escalating, tell the parents. And a finger in one of Mandy’s orifices shouldn’t lead to sex.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 3 of 17)

Here is Mandy Muse, naked in her bed, face down and ass up. As promised. Good? Good.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" GIF (Image 4 of 17)

So stepbro sticks his finger in Mandy’s ass. Being black, I heard jokes about not falling asleep around white guys as they are liable to put something in your butt. Per Dave Chappelle in For What It’s Worth:

… you cannot pass out around white people. Every time white dudes pass out around each other they always do some borderline gay shit when the guy’s asleep. ‘Frank fell asleep, so we stuck a carrot in his ass, put shaving cream on his balls.’ Why motherfucker – why would you do that to a friend of yours?

I want to thank Sis Loves Me, who I can only assume isn’t written, directed, or produced by black people, for confirming that the stories are true. We owe you for your service.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 5 of 17)

Stepbro explains he was merely teaching Mandy a lesson. Mandy getting an unwanted finger up her butt (which is a crime, by the way) isn’t a reasonable expectation for leaving doors open. A finger up the butt was only “bound to happen” by her stepbrother living in the same house and having a thing for anal play.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 6 of 17)

He is shocked that Mandy is upset and counters that he thought all girls like getting touched on the butt (because of course, he would). That’s intergalactically stupid on all levels, but naturally the “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that” defense will work. Also, being touched on the butt is different from being touched in the butt.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 7 of 17)

One would think Mandy would be infuriated by all of this. But her only counter is to make clear that she likes having fingers in her pussy. This admission leads to her calling stepbro a virgin who has never seen pussy, stepbro pretending he needs to learn more about women, and Mandy being convinced to let him finger her. Big mistake.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 8 of 17)

We’re having a sex-ed lesson on how to satisfy women in the middle of a stepfamily porn scene: fingering, not going in dry, licking, etc. So gentlemen, if you want a girl to fuck you, finger her butt when she isn’t expecting it and claim utter stupidity.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 9 of 17)

Of course, the two have sex, but that’s not what I’m highlighting. Two things to note. One, why is the guy’s face blurred? We’re hiding the identity of the man who introduced the camera, but not the woman who is both naked and subject to the camera. That’s cowardice.

Two, did Mandy ever consent to be filmed? If she did, then Sis Loves Me is emphasizing her being a freak over the stepbrother being trash to excuse his behavior. And if she didn’t, then the stepbrother is filming without her knowledge, thus further making him trash.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 10 of 17)

After making Mandy cum (congrats) and not getting anything in return, the next day stepbro is deadset on getting his. This is what happens when men get their first taste (in this case, literal taste) of pussy: they go on a warpath for more. This involves doing stupid shit like–I don’t know, tapping a dick on Mandy’s ass while she does laundry.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 11 of 17)Because dick is disposable, Mandy is unimpressed by the penis. So unimpressed, she ignores it and asks that he instead helps with the laundry. He offers to fold clothes in exchange for intercourse. How this has entered the negotiation stage is beyond me. Folding clothes isn’t tricky. There is no reason for Mandy to entertain this.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 12 of 17)

Mandy realizes her mistake in letting herself get fingered. We all make regrettable decisions that don’t seem half-bad at the time.

Here’s the problem: I used to be one of these guys. A girl would throw me a bone, and I would get all levels of creepy. Four years ago, a girl told me the same line Mandy is in this scene. So trust when I say this dude is going to continue doing weird shit until he either gets what he wants, or Mandy moves out.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 13 of 17)

But since this is porn and not real life, Mandy repeats the very mistake she verbalized minutes ago and gives the guy what he wants. She even lets him enter raw and cum inside of her. Naturally, Mandy is more concerned with cum getting on her clothes than reaching an egg. I hope she doesn’t live in Alabama.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 14 of 17)

Because someone hates us, we’re at it again, this time with the power going out in the house.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 15 of 17)

Mandy takes stepbro to her room to keep her company. Things is, there is light emanating into the room from the window. No matter how fast the camera tries to move, we can’t unsee it. So Mandy is complaining about it being dark in spite of daylight. Let’s skip to these two “passing the time” instead of staying on this bullshit. Good?

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 16 of 17)

Good. And for anyone who complained during episode three of Game of Thrones this season, there is a flashlight in this scene, so you don’t confuse any of the action. We’re used to Mandy Muse doing anal, so I know this can be tricky.

Sis Loves Me - Mandy Muse in "The Slit is Lit" (Image 17 of 17)

After nearly 20 minutes of sex (looks like someone’s stamina is improving), we finally get the cumshot, and the scene is mercifully over. The lights eventually come on, Mandy continues fucking her stepbrother out of convenience, and the footage is ultimately shared with his bros and YouPorn out of revenge after Mandy finds better dick.

Bottom Line: It’s okay. Like most episodes from Sis Loves Me, we get three scenes in one. That sounds great, but each mini-scene has its flaws. The first zooms out too far from the oral sex, the second is very short in spite of a creampie and good visual shots of Mandy, and the third has low lighting. If you like Mandy Muse’s ass and a laughable plot, give it a download.

Scene Duration: 45 minutes, 34 seconds
Studio: Sis Loves Me (TeamSkeet Network)
Cast: Mandy Muse
Link: This Slit is Lit

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