Kyler Quinn in Brickzilla Goes Balls Deep Into a Coed

Brickzilla goes balls deep into Kyler Quinn, and I’m terrified

Today we’re watching “Brickzilla Goes Balls Deep Into a Coed” from Hussie Pass, featuring Kyler Quinn and the accurately named Brickzilla.

Kyler Quinn is a skinny, Arizona native whose butt has gotten a bit bigger but doesn’t have as much sex as she would like. Brickzilla has a 13-inch extension attached to his pelvic region, and he’s ready to put Kyler in the hospital. logo and video introduction

We gotta have another conversation about intros, because Hussie Pass thought it was a good idea to play a one-note bass drum sound effect while displaying its name. It’s the same sound effect movies use when transitioning between visuals to signal a) doom is coming, or b) things are serious.

I saw a video featuring Brickzilla months ago, so I can assure you that a) doom is indeed coming for Kyler Quinn’s cervix, and b) I am seriously concerned for Kyler’s vaginal well-being.

Kyler Quinn talks with the cameraman to open the scene
“Can I tell you something? Tonight, I’m calling Quest Chatline.”

Kyler and the cameraman make some pointless and porn-ish small talk. It’s here I realize Kyler has the same face as Tenille Dashwood, and my mind goes in three directions.

One, pornstars who resemble celebrities cause me to mentally deepfake said celebrities by putting their faces onto pornstars’ bodies. I refuse to believe I’m the only person who does this.

Two, I didn’t realize Tenille is considered a booty all-star amongst the wrestling community. According to social media posts, the squad is Tenille, Mandy Rose, Brooke Adams, Alexa Bliss circa 2016, Toni Storm, Kiera Hogan, and Scarlett Bordeaux.

On Twitter, NXT UK wrestler Isla Dawn once said “I don’t get why some men feel the need to comment ‘ass’, ‘cake’, etc. when they see a picture featuring a butt.” I have to assume she was referring to her butt, and I also don’t get why men feel the need to do that. Naturally, someone made a post on Reddit titled “Isla Dawn has a great ass that doesn’t get enough attention.”

Three, Impact Wrestling and ECW would use cameras in a similar way. The cameraman would just shoot the shit with the wrestlers in backstage segments. It was a clever technique because it built characters in a way that felt organic and not overly produced. The audience could connect with the performers before the performers wrestled.

Let’s connect with Kyler Quinn before Brickzilla sends her pussy to Suplex City. Here’s what I learned from two minutes of small talk:

  • she’s been doing great and feels fantastic
  • she dyed her hair to a lighter color
  • she really wants to “get a big cock inside” of her
  • she’s been tanning
  • she’s usually “white-white” like a ghost
  • she likes Arizona because it’s dry and hot

Predictably, the cameraman responds to the Arizona bit with “just how you like it.” He’s then self-aware enough to realize he doesn’t know what that’s supposed to mean. Sir, it means you don’t have enough charisma to carry this segment any further. Bring out Brickzilla and get this main event rolling.

Kyler Quinn wiggles and jiggles her butt because it has gotten bigger

Psyche! We get another promo as Kyler discusses how her butt has grown a bit due to eating junk food. I don’t know what Kyler’s butt was before now. But if THAT butt has grown a bit, she must not have had much butt to begin with. Small butt girls deserve some love, too, so it’s all good.

The small talk stalls for five seconds, and it feels like five minutes. I’m ready to press fast-forward to Brickzilla’s entrance music, but then the cameraman asks something fascinating: what about sex outside of porn?

Kyler says she hasn’t had much sex outside of porn. The cameraman asks why, but Kyler completely no sells him and says she is “really ready to get some sex.” Credit to the cameraman, because I think most people would move on rather than keep pushing and potentially make things more awkward. He asks about boyfriends, and this exchange happens:

Kyler: Um, sometimes, but boyfriends are just drama.
Camera: They’re drama?
Kyler: [nods her head] Yea.
Camera: They get all upset when you’re banging all these other dudes on video, right?
Kyler: Yea, pretty much.

I imagine someone watching this, their face leaning closer to the computer screen, blurred fist, exclaiming “I would be okay with you banging other dudes!” Bro, I don’t mean to cut you down—but I doubt you would be okay with it, and it’s not like any of us have a shot. There is a worthwhile discussion on jealousy and the dating lifestyles of pornstars. But never mind that shit, because it’s time for Kyler to start getting naked!

Kyler Quinn flashes her tits for the camera

Kyler says her boobs have gotten bigger—which … c’mon. We’re doing this AGAIN?! At least Kyler provides an interesting remark by saying she switched her birth control. According to Healthline, birth control pills contain estrogen and progestin, hormones that naturally occur in the body. When these hormones increase, there may be changes in a woman’s breast size. The change is temporary, and in most cases is a result of fluid retention or temporary weight gains—

Brickzilla rubs oil over Kyler Quinn's ass and pussy

THANK GOODNESS! Brickzilla is finally here! I don’t know how else I can continue to carry this post—nope, nevermind. Brick is just here to rub oil on Kyler and let her twerk because her butt grew a bit and her confidence has grown by a country mile.

There’s never anything wrong with feeling good about oneself. It’s something we should strive to do more often. There’s enough in society to put us down and make us feel ugly and crappy. She doesn’t have much of an ass on her. It’s okay to acknowledge that. But she’s happy with the butt she has, and that’s all that matters.

Kyler Quinn removes Brickzilla's shorts to reveal his monster cock

** insert bass drum sound effect ** Welp, here comes the pain.

There’s a cute moment where Kyler thinks about sucking Brickzilla’s monstrosity of a human bayonet. But she realizes her mouth isn’t ready to stretch out that wide. So she retreats to licking the shaft. But it’s a VERY long shaft. 13 inches worth, according to Hussie Pass. I assume her neck began to hurt and she was like, “better a sore jaw than a crick in my neck.”

Kyler Quinn tries to give Brickzilla's big dick a blowjob

That has to be uncomfortable. I remember Colby Covington cracked his jaw during his title fight with Kamara Usman. Covington went on to fight nine minutes and 10 seconds before the referee stopped the bout. As much as I don’t care for Covington, I had great respect for his fighting spirit. Kyler Quinn has about 35 more minutes of battling this oversized dicksicle. I hope her fighting spirit is strong.

Brickzilla has sex with Kyler Quinn doggy style

What a warrior! Let’s see if Kyler Quinn can grind it out for four more rounds! These two are just going to bang it out! Insert another MMA cliché here.

Speaking of “insert”, this legitimately looks as painful as Francis Ngannou punching other human beings. No matter how many times Kyler mentions her pussy is being “stretched” and smiles for the camera, there has to be a mix of pain sprinkled in. At times, she’s not even sliding on Brickzilla’s dick. Her pussy is just trapped on a specific point of length, and his dick is merely compressing like a spring.

Kyler Quinn rides Brickzilla's 13-inch cock in cowgirl position

And I know using the adverb “merely” seems insulting when we’re dealing with a 13-inch penis and Kyler’s tiny body. I appreciate Kyler’s confidence, but I’m convinced the human body isn’t meant to take Brickzilla’s lung puncturer.

Kyler said porn is her sex life. I would actually like to know if the same is true for Brickzilla. I can’t imagine women are lining up to take this unless they’re getting paid enough to make a subsequent doctor’s appointment.

Kyler Quinn looks exhausted as Brickzilla rams her in missionary position
Labor laws be damned, Kyler Quinn needs a 30-minute break.

15 minutes. Her cervix has been getting beat up for 15 minutes. This is hot—don’t get me wrong. Big dick and interracial porn is what we signed up for, and we got it. But I’m reaching the point where I want this to be mercifully over. Kyler looks exhausted, we don’t see bottles of lube just laying around for safety purposes, and I’m convinced her vagina has grown a bit due to eating this dick.

Brickzilla gives Kyler Quinn a cumshot and facial

And Kyler finishes with a smile. Bless her heart. Either she’s happy this is finally over, or she’s happy to get some dick because boyfriend drama is no joke.

Want to see the full scene without me interrupting? Of course you do. Grab a membership with Hussie Pass to download “Brickzilla Goes Balls Deep Into a Coed” and other full-length scenes. They also have channels on XVideos and PornHub.

You can also support Brickzilla and Kyler Quinn by subscribing to all of their social media. We’ll see you next time. Drive home safely. We’ll leave you with Brickzilla washing Kyler off like a gentleman.

Brickzilla wipes of Kyler Quinn in the shower

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