Angel Del Rey’s plan to fuck her step dad involves directness

Today we’re watching “Angel Plans to Fuck Her Step Dad” from Family Strokes, featuring Angel Del Rey and Tommy Gunn.

Angel Del Rey needs her step dad’s undivided attention. She has devised the perfect plan to make it happen: ruin his marriage with her mother and fuck him in his sleep. I have no clue how they can live in the same house after this.

Angel Del Rey fingers herself while looking through a door
Whatever’s behind this door is making Angel Del Rey super horny

We open with Angel masturbating to a door. Or something behind the door. Maybe this is the sexiest door in America, but it’s just so basic and white. Did you know that Matt Damon won People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2007? This door is the Matt Damon of sexiest doors alive.

Step dad kisses Angel Del Rey on the lips

Let’s introduce Angel’s stepfather, Tommy, who kisses Angel on the lips. Yea, I don’t like that. I’m aware that there are mixed opinions on parents kissing their children on the lips. But to be clear, this is obviously uncomfortable because Angel is not a child, and—more importantly—is not Tommy’s child.

Angel Del Rey tries to show that she has a lot in common with step dad
Mom doesn’t even like sports. But I do!

Tommy is going to the movies with his wife. Angel comments that she doesn’t “understand it.” Understand what, exactly? Tommy trying to be a good partner to her mother? Angel thinks the couple are not a good match—which to be fair, Angel should be allowed to respectfully express.

Why does Angel feel this way? Because her mother doesn’t like fishing, camping, or sports the way Tommy does. You know who likes these things? You guessed it: Tommy’s friends Angel. Angel paints this as wanting more time together. I paint this as Angel battling her mother over some dick.

I don’t understand people who think of relationships purely in terms of common interests. It’s such a weird line to draw. In Angel’s world, Tommy and her mother should either do everything together, or split up and fuck other people. And by “other people,” we mean Angel.

Angel Del Rey makes a plan to fuck her step dad

Tommy waves Angel off, and Angel goes into revenge mode. She stares into the infinite space that is a table and schemes a plan to ruin her mother’s marriage. All of this seems crazy, but Jerry Springer built an empire on scenarios like this.

Here is Angel’s plan: she calls her mother to tell her that Tommy is going to hang out with his friends for the rest of the day and ditch their movie date. The mother instantly believes this, and decides to drink (heavily, I would guess) with her friends.

Why would Mama Del Rey just take her daughter’s word without confirming with Tommy first? Maybe their marriage isn’t as tight as I thought, and maybe Tommy going to the movies is an attempt to salvage what bit of a marriage they still have.

Angel Del Rey massages her step dad to help him relax
“That feels good.” Sir, you’re already in her trap.

Now Tommy is rightfully pissed because he and his wife got into a phone argument over this. And if I know stupid arguments, she probably didn’t mention that Angel told her what we know to be a lie, and Tommy just thinks his wife is a crazy, drunken bitch.

I feel bad for the dude because his marriage is getting sabotaged. But then I remember the following: this is porn; he kissed his stepdaughter on the lips, didn’t passionately defend his wife when Angel all but told him to break up, and is now accepting a massage and comfort from Angel. Massages lead to blowjobs the way weed leads to heroin.

Step dad can see Angel's pussy through her dress

Angel is hyper-focused on completing this reverse UNO card. So much so, she didn’t even bring panties to the occasion. Whatever plans she has involve easy pussy access and fresh air against her lips. No need to make things hard when playing hard to get. Or in this case, playing with people’s lives.

Step dad's belt is unbuckled by Angel while he sleeps
Angel Dey Rey’s stepfather is definitely awake during this.

As Tommy naps, Angel decides to unzip his pants. This is sexual assault under most circumstances, but that’s neither here nor there. There is no way he stays asleep through this. His belt looks noisy, and Angel has to get through a tucked shirt and underwear to reach her destination.

Angel Del Rey gives her step dad a blowjob while he sleeps

Or not, because apparently Tommy planned on going to the movies commando. Genital coverage is a major problem in this household. I know we’re in the midst of a stealth blowjob and tug, but can we take a moment to discuss why going commando is a bad idea?

  • Genitals get dirty and smelly. Better your underwear collect that ‘ish than your pants.
  • Skin rashes and chafing are as inevitable as Thanos. Genital sweat is a thing.
  • Next time you try on pants in the fitting room, remember you’re connecting with someone else’s balls.

After her seven-minute sex crime, Angel zips Tommy’s pants back up. So, was Angel hoping Tommy would wake up from the blowjob and it just never happened? Or was Angel banking on Tommy not waking up, so Angel could get her rocks off in secret? Because that’s rapey. Or just rape, maybe.

Step dad tells Angel about a sexual dream he had
Could you put on a shirt? And some pants, while you’re at it?

It’s the next day, and I’m guessing the mother never, ever came back from drinking because her existence isn’t dealt with. Angel is walking around the house far too comfortably, and Tommy asks, “Why don’t you go put some clothes on?” While I’m convinced he faked napping, he has a point.

He mentions he had a sexual dream during that fake-ass nap. I don’t know why he feels the need to bring this up to his stepdaughter. But it’s both the perfect time for Angel to confess her crime (not that he’ll care or be upset), and it’s a convenient way to transition toward the two boning one another.

Angel asks if the dream involved her mom—which, why would she want to know that? Tommy says the person in his dream was the total opposite of Angel’s mom. You guessed it: Angel’s biological dad Angel. Again, WHY does he feel the need to bring this up to his stepdaughter?!

Angel Del Rey suggests she and her step dad have sex

Angel suggests that “we should make your dreams come true.” She isn’t one for being passive. Angel channels her inner Jigsaw and suggests a game that is nothing more than a trap: if she can get Tommy hard, they’ll fuck. If she can’t, she’ll leave him alone. Tommy pretends to be hesitant.

We need official rules of play. What is the time limit for Angel to get him hard? Also, the risk-reward of this is imbalanced. If he doesn’t get hard, everyone loses and they can’t conceivably continue to co-exist under the same roof. If he does get hard, he wins the next 20 minutes but eventually loses his marriage.

But never mind that shit, because Tommy is erect in less than 20 seconds and ready to rock this!

Angel Del Rey gives her step dad a handjob

Tommy asks “what’s next?” The fuck you think?! Angel was at least very clear about that part. If she wins, you have to butter her biscuit. So take this blowjob and tug from your underdressed stepdaughter, and be thankful that you’re awake this time.

Tommy mentions he doesn’t want to know how Angel got so good at sucking dick. Tommy likes to be passive when asking questions. Angel’s response? “With a lot of practice.” Gross, though probably the honest answer. Can’t knock people for telling the truth.

Tommy also takes a jab at his wife, saying she doesn’t give head like Angel. I’m sorry, are blowjob skills supposed to be passed down through DNA? You know Angel will use this to piss her mom off, leading to a confrontation on the Steve Wilkos Show where Tommy will fail all of his lie detector questions.

Step dad licks Angel's pussy from behind over the kitchen counter

Angel tells Tommy she wants “it” inside of her. Either Tommy is a dunce or has an obsession with eating women from behind, because he immediately buries his face in her ass and his tongue in her pussy. Sir, that’s not the “it” she was referring to. He’s a little confused, but he got the spirit.

Angel Del Rey takes her step dad's big cock in missionary position
“Oh yea, dad. Do me, dad.”

Eventually, Angel does get “it.” But in the middle of getting pumped, Angel says, “You fuck me so good, daddy.” I want to vomit. Paper Boi from Atlanta had this down perfectly: “Look, that shit always creepy. Man, if a bitch called me ‘Daddy,’ man, something wrong happened.” What happened to you, Angel?

Angel Del Rey rides her step dad's big cock in front of kitchen window

Tommy and Angel do a reverse cowgirl in front of an usually large kitchen window. It’s a great visual. But I soooo want them to fall out of that window. I need Tommy falling on the back of his head and Angel being German suplexed in the process. It would serve them right for their foolishness.

Step dad gives Angel a cumshot and facial after sex
Don’t want her to talk? Glue her lips together, I suppose.

After a few more minutes of sex stuff, Angel comments that she knew she would have Tommy’s dick in her mouth by the end of the day, and promises to keep their now sexual relationship a secret.

First, does Angel want a brownie for her self-fulfilling prophecy? She knew she would get a dick in her mouth (along with another hole) because she put said dick in her mouth. I’m more impressed that she accomplished this achievement with time to spare.

Second, Angel will definitely tell her mother about this. The second Tommy pisses Angel off, Angel is snitching. Or the minute Mama Del Rey pisses Angel off, Angel is going to run her mouth about how much better her blowjobs are.

This won’t end well. But it does end with a cumshot and facial. So with that, we’ll sign off. Grab a membership with Family Strokes to download “Angel’s Plan to Fuck Her Step Dad” and other full-length scenes. They also have channels on XVideos and PornHub. We’ll see you next time. Drive home safely.

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