Athena Faris in Initial Casting from Fit 18

Athena Faris learns to be comfortable as a fitness model

Today we’re watching “Athena Faris Initial Casting” from Fit 18, featuring Athena Faris.

Athena Faris wants to be a fitness model. The good news: she gets a photoshoot. Bad news: it’s in a small, community gym. Worse news: the photographer coerces her into sex. Worser news: Athena gets creampied.

Athena Faris talks with photographer about fitness shoot.

We open with a very nervous Athena. I’m assuming she’s nervous. It’s possible she just has that socially awkward speaking cadence and body language a lot of people seemingly have these days. According to the cameraman, she is applying for the “fitness model position.”

I put that in quotes because 1) it’s his exact wording, and 2) is being a fitness model considered a position? Unless he has constant shoot requests from multiple fitness companies, “fitness model” just sounds like something a person is, and they make a buck whenever an opportunity is available.

For reasons, he asks about Athena’s weight. Does he not have a scale? Plus, I’m not sure why that matters for a fitness model position or for viewers. What is an acceptable weight for fitness advertisers and fappers alike? If she looks good in fitness clothing, just give her the damn job.

He quips that her 110 lbs. frame is “mostly ass, right?” I mean, probably. Nearly 35% of a woman’s total body weight is in the pelvis and legs. She laughs and replies “I wish.” Does this mean she wants a bigger butt? They both start laughing. I don’t know why anyone is laughing at any of this.

Athena Faris asks where the dressing room is.
No, Athena, this small fitness room doesn’t have a dressing room.

Athena is given the clothes she’s supposed to wear, and begins to openly wonder, “Is there a dressing room?” Bless her heart. She has no idea this is porn.

I get the growing panic she has right now. But there isn’t a single place nearby where she can change? I know walking around for a spot where people can’t see her bits is inconvenient, but it beats letting this dude conveniently see her bits.

No need to worry, though. Camera dude has a solution! Rather than stepping out to give her privacy, he just casually suggests that he needs to check out her body, “up close and personal.” It’s a part being comfortable as a model. No sir, you don’t; and no sir, it isn’t.

Saying that is like a derivative of what Hollywood producers probably used to say when they were sexually assaulting and raping everyone. Let’s just chop this up to the cameraman—in real time—confusing his porn directing position with his fitness shoot gig.

Athena Faris begins to undress in front of the cameraman.

Naturally, Athena has questions. She starts with, “You do this with every audition?”

Hol’ up. I know modeling gigs do involve casting calls and auditions, and yet, I still don’t like this. Why is she alone? Feels like it would make more sense (for efficiency and safety, mostly) to bring all the girls together on one day and choose the best of the bunch.

She’s not auditioning to be a stripper—at least, I don’t think so. A one-on-one audition isn’t necessary for your basement-tier fitness clothing agency. And to answer her original question: yes. He does this with every audition. I’m sure he has an external hard drive of video and pictures to prove it. Fake-ass fitness photographer.

The cameraman squeezes Athena Faris' ass cheek.

Matter of fact, here’s proof that he’s a fake-ass fitness photographer. First, it’s becoming clear he has a weird ass obsession. And not like an ass fetish, one where he’s really turned on by butts. That actually feels more, normal? Instead, he’s weirdly focused on how strong and firm her glutes are.

Second, he asks if she does squats—cause apparently, squats are the end-all and be-all to having a fit butt. But the question and seeing her in her underwear isn’t enough. No sir, so he proceeds to grab her butt. Full palm, like a basketball. Ring the rape lunk alarm!

Athena Faris questions why the cameraman cares so much about her strength.
As long as Athena looks good in the clothes, that should be enough, right?

I’m going to try not to get too irritated by Athena allowing this. We’ve learned enough from #MeToo to understand that a woman simply leaving in this moment and calling the police isn’t as uncomplicated as we would prefer to believe.

But she’s at least getting more vocal about how unnecessary and inappropriate all of this is. She (correctly) assesses that as long as she looks good in the clothes, that’s all that should matter. Which—YEA! Ma’am, please just leave. At this point, I’ll pay for you to take an Uber home.

Seconds later, five words illustrate why Athena is still going along with this: “All the girls do this.” That sentence isn’t to make Athena comfortable (though I’m sure the cameraman has convinced himself otherwise). It’s a stark reminder that he’s preying on girls who really need the money and didn’t travel all this way just to go back home.

Maybe he’s being meta or maybe not. Maybe he’s saying what he thinks his character would say, or maybe it’s typical verbiage from working in porn. Regardless, Athena Faris is going to continue because literally, figuratively, and within the context of this story, all the girls do this.

Athena Faris poses in the fitness clothing.
The cameraman tells Athena to do more squats because he’s a simpleton.

And for fuck’s sake, let go of this ass and squat fixation! There are so many exercises that can target the glutes. Off the top of my head, here’s a list of other exercises Athena can practice: glute bridges, kettlebell swings, leg lifts, resistance band kickbacks, step ups, curtsy lunges, walking lunges, reverse lunges with a knee drive, LUNGES!

This is a fake-ass shoot located in a bootleg apartment community gym exercise room. Today’s Instagram influencer can create a better set-up, and this dude can’t even be bothered to research even the slightest bit of exercise information and be better at his job.

Athena Faris does a split in the fitness clothing.

We finally start the shoot, and camera dude asks Athena to do some stretching poses. She immediately does an outstretched lunge because that and a toe-reach are the most common stretching poses we see online. This may be the only realistic thing we get all video.

Of course, he asks Athena to do a split. My dumb ass forgot how inevitable this would be. In fairness, it is an impressive split. It’s not next fucking level like Jean Claude Van-Damme, but it’s still good. StyleCaster made a list of sex positions intended for flexible women. If Athena doesn’t do The Libra or The Ballerina, this video will be a giant fail.

Athena Faris does the ballerina position will leaning on weight equipment.

I now have -175 odds on The Ballerina.

Athena Faris' cameltoe shows as the cameraman says the shoot is over.

Then, suddenly, it’s all over. With Athena’s cameltoe saying “hello” to the audience, the cameraman says we’re done. I’m … actually shocked. And also concerned because there are 32 minutes left, and we need to transition to sex somehow.

Athena asks if that’s it and what—if anything—she has to do from here. It’s always good to ask for next steps once an interview is over. It shows both confidence and interest. But he’s like, nah, you’re good, bro. That’s a bad sign. I don’t think Athena is getting the gig. Or even a rejection email.

I’d love it if Athena took the cameraman to Dick Kick City and left, but unfortunately, she asks if there is anything she can do. Fuck. We all know what’s coming …

The cameraman grabs Athena Faris' boob underneath her bra.

Sexual coercion! Sexual coercion? I had to do a Google search to make sure I’m using the phrase correctly. Here is how the Office on Women’s Health (OWH) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines this:

Sexual coercion is unwanted sexual activity that happens when you are pressured, tricked, threatened, or forced in a nonphysical way. Coercion can make you think you owe sex to someone. It might be from someone who has power over you, like a teacher, landlord, or a boss. No person is ever required to have sex with someone else.

I’m assuming this isn’t a comprehensive definition, but damn, it reads pretty close to it. OWH dives deeper by providing examples:

  • Being worn down by someone who repeatedly asks for sex
  • Being lied to or being promised things that weren’t true to trick you into having sex
  • Having someone threaten to end a relationship or spread rumors if you don’t have sex with them
  • Having an authority figure use their influence or authority to pressure you into having sex

What we’re seeing is an example four with a side of example two. Thing is, this video gives the cameraman an escape clause by painting the woman as overly eager and consenting to sex under the guise that she improves her chances of getting the gig.

Essentially, according to porn logic (and probably a few male guests on Maury), we can’t blame the guy for taking advantage of the situation. He’s just being a man, toots. Instead, onus goes on the girl for even posing the question and opening up the possibility of sex. It’s not coercion if she’s suggesting this. /s

Athena Faris gives the cameraman a handjob.

Athena asks if fucking him will actually help her get the job. He says it “depends on how well you (Athena) do.” He shouldn’t have said that on camera. But with that, she immediately blows him. All for a modeling gig she probably won’t get anyway. Know what she will get? An STD.

Condoms in porn are not visually fun, but man, I’d appreciate seeing one right now. Plus, for his own safety, he should have condoms with him. Plus-plus, for her own safety, she should demand it. Agreeing to sex is bad, but if she’s going to do it, do it correctly.

Athena Faris has sex with the cameraman from a POV perspective.

After licking the camera guy like a lollipop, Athena gets a bit cocky and says, “I think my odds are good.” I dunno, Athena. I’ve seen the other 97 videos, and I’d say all of you are on even grounds. Besides, don’t let your dome game fool you into forgetting that you went from answering a Craigslist ad to sucking dick on a dirty fitness room floor. Naturally, she rides him to improve her odds.

The video claims that people are arriving at the gym, so the two have to go somewhere private.

After another 18 minutes, the video is interrupted to inform us that people arrived at the gym. That’s doubtful.

Just so you know, in most states, public sex is a misdemeanor crime. Though, the accused party would more likely be hit with indecent exposure or a lewd act. While a misdemeanor could carry up to one year jail, I would guess these are very bail-able offenses. Plus, it may not be hard to argue that the accused party wasn’t really having sex (just creating friction) or that the place they had sex couldn’t be readily seen in public.

That’s not the case here. Athena is definitely fucking, and that’s definitely a public environment. Unless these two had a 30-second head start from when they heard footsteps to when those feet would actually reach the gym, this shit didn’t happen. Most likely, fucking was uncomfortable and they travelled to …

The cameraman gives Athena Faris a creampie in his bed.

A hotel! Or it might just be an apartment where camera douche displays his crappy pullout game. What a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for Athena. And us, for that matter.

Athena was inappropriately touched and coerced into 30 minutes of sex, went through five sex positions that didn’t involve a single split or display of flexibility, the gym environment wasn’t even used in a meaningful way, Athena made zero dollars in the process, and possibly has Chlamydia for her trouble.

He lets her know that she “for sure got the part.” What part? The part of being his baby mama? Everything about this relationship will be so toxic. He’s totally going to make her do squats during her pregnancy as he cum dumps other girls. She’ll be on the Steve Wilkos Show in three years. I don’t know what she’s smiling for. Her body language is so awkward.

Want to see the full scene without me interrupting? Of course you do. Grab a membership with Fit 18 to download “Athena Faris Initial Casting” and other full-length scenes. They also have channels on XVideos and PornHub.

You can also support Athena Faris by subscribing to all of her social media. We’ll see you next time. Drive home safely.

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