Kylie Rocket in "Step Sister Likes to Be Naked" from Bratty Sis

Step sister Kylie Rocket likes to be naked, but it’s not about sex

Today we’re watching “Step Sister Likes to Be Naked” from Bratty Sis, featuring Kylie Rocket and Rion King.

On a journey for liberation and control, stepsister Kylie Rocket discovers nudism. But an attempt to bully her stepbrother into being a nudist somehow results in her getting creampied.

Kylie Rocket watches talk show on nudism

This is Kylie. She’s watching the kind of talk show that only happens during the day when everyone is at work. The guest is a nudist woman who expresses that clothes are a form of oppression.

Naturally, the host asks a stupid question: “You’re a very attractive lady. Don’t you get a lot of attention from guys?” You sure you don’t want another take, like asking WHAT inspired her to become a nudist, or HOW this has impacted her life?

He might as well had said, if you don’t want me to stare at you, don’t walk around looking how you looking. Regardless, the guest side steps the question before saying, “Nudism isn’t about sex. It’s about freedom.”

Kylie Rocket pulls down her panties GIF

Inspired, Kylie instantly removes her clothing. Don’t focus on her butthole! Nudism isn’t about sex. Let Kylie walk around the house liberated, and enjoy it the same way our grandfathers enjoyed Playboy.

Rion is disgusted and confused by Kylie Rocket being naked

Later in the day, Kylie’s stepbrother Rion—who looks like the word “milquetoast”—is watching TV when Kylie sits next to him, butt-ass naked. Rion panics as Kylie exclaims, “I’m a nudist!” as if Rion is the crazy one in this scenario.

Kylie Rocket doesn't see the problem with walking around naked

Rion tells Kylie she can’t just walk around naked. Technically, she can. I would say she probably shouldn’t because I doubt anything good will come of this, and making other people uncomfortable is impolite.

Kylie says their parents aren’t around, so it’s all good. So nudism depends on the surrounding environment. Makes sense.

Kylie Rocket tries to push Rion to become a nudist as well

Kylie tries to push Rion toward being a nudist, saying “it’s very empowering.” She’s starting to sound like a vegan after one day of red beans, chickpeas, broccoli, and brown rice.

That’s a great meal, but we don’t need to hear a 30-minute spiel on how planted-based food has made you more confident and given you control over your life. Save that shit for a YouTube ad.

When Rion shows no interest, Kylie asks, “What are you, a chicken?” I’m sorry—what are YOU, a child? Don’t confuse Rion’s lack of fucks with cowardice.

Rion takes off his pants in front of Kylie

Milquetoast confuses a regular dare with a triple dog dare, and is now getting naked. Kylie thinks she has power over Rion. Really, it’s just the power of boners and hot, naked women can get men to do just about anything. Like naked housework.

Kyle and Rion wash clothes while naked

Seriously, naked housework. She’s gonna somehow get stuck in the washer, isn’t she? Also, stop focusing on her butthole! Remember, nudism isn’t about sex. Focus on that beautiful washer and dryer combo instead. It legitimately looks brand new and clean.

Kyle and Rion put dishes in the dishwasher while nude

For fuck’s sake, now they’re putting dishes in the dishwasher! This is aggressively boring action. Using the dishwasher has to be in the top five of most boring chores along with ironing, folding laundry, dusting, and changing the sheets.

Rion uses a pillow to hide his boner as a bentover Kylie acts disgusted

NOW THEY’RE TIDYING THE SOFA?! Apparently, nudism is about cleaning. I figured Rion, who clearly wants sex, was going to smother Kylie with that pillow out of quiet rage.

Turns out, he is hiding his boner because Kylie has a penchant for bending over and displaying her holes. Kylie gets upset, but this seemed inevitable, no? She was never liberated. Instead, she’s liberated Rion’s dick from pretending it doesn’t want pussy.

Kylie shames Rion for having an erection

Kylie reminds Rion that NUDISM ISN’T ABOUT SEX, and shame on his penis for getting erect. Milquetoast meekly responds, “I’m a healthy male. I get hard when I see a hot girl.”

"No, no. He's got a point." meme

First, Kylie asks if Rion really thinks she’s hot because porn has to make sure she seems at least 10% interested in fucking.

Second, Rion essentially said, if you don’t want me to get a boner, don’t walk around looking how you looking. As the great Pete Davidson said, “When she got that thang all up in your face, you not gonna yeet?” (Note: I just noticed that sounds similar to “you not gonna eat?” That Davidson guy is clever.)

Kylie wonders how she can help Rion with his erection

Kylie wants the boner to go away so they can go back to cleaning, and she can go back to being in control. Any suggestions? Rion suggests the boner can go away with an orgasm. Again, he is not wrong.

Kylie asks, “What am I supposed to do?” NOTHING, you dumb bitch! I know he’s going to eventually ask you to make him cum, especially now that you have put the thought out there. But he was merely stating a known fact.

Tell him to masturbate in his room. Better yet, grab your phone, show him Reddit porn visit, and share these five tips for stopping an erection:

  • Distract yourself: think about sandwiches
  • Shift your position: no, that won’t help in this case
  • Meditation: Kylie is a bit too distracting for this to work
  • Calm down and wait it out: simple solution, but terrible for porn
  • Take a cold shower: it works in The Sims 4
A nervous Rion asks Kylie to help him cum

Eventually, Rion asks Kylie to help him cum. And credit to Kylie, she has enough sense to decline. But as Rion suggests giving up on being a nudist, Kylie changes her mind and says, “if we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do this the right way.” What exactly is the right way? And what exactly is “this”?

I assume Kylie can’t handle someone rejecting her recent lifestyle change. So she marches forward. Thing is, Milquetoast is realizing he has the power now, and tries to convince Kylie this episode will go faster if she jerked him off.

Kylie begrudgingly says, "Fine! I'll jerk it"

Of course, Kylie begrudgingly agrees to this. She could at least act a little enthused about it. She reminds Rion that this isn’t what nudism is about. We’ve all lost sight of whatever “this” is minutes ago.

Kylie jerks off Rion on the sofa

As Kylie gives him a manual override, we know this will go one of three ways: 1) Rion keeps escalating the requests because Kylie’s a little idiot; 2) she eventually enjoys having sex; or 3) he forces himself on her.

I could see Milquetoast being a “3” kinda guy, but the first two options seem more likely.

Kylie has been driving this stick long enough and is losing patience. Rion suggests she puts her mouth on his penis. “What are you, a chicken?” Kylie doesn’t think they should do that. Kylie, you’re too late in the game to worry about things you shouldn’t do.

Kylie gives Rion a blowjob on the sofa

This is now looking like a “1” situation. He’s gonna talk this girl into five more sex acts. He’ll probably be like, blowjobs are nice, but it’ll be better if I put it in you from behind. In fairness, when she got that thang all up on your dick, you not gonna skeet?

Kylie masturbates while giving Rion a handjob

Welp, nevermind. She’s masturbating. If you chose option “2”, go pick up your winnings from the cashier. Nudism isn’t about sex, but this sex they are having is no longer about nudism.

Kylie tells Rion to "just stick it in me"

Kylie just wants to fuck at this point. This is how Katherine Heigl’s character got pregnant in Knocked Up. It only takes a minute to grab a condom out of the nightstand. Hell, Rion was probably 30 seconds away from exploding.

Kylie does a reverse cowgirl sex postion with Rion

Ryan complies, because at this point, why not. Kylie is either in ecstasy or on ecstasy.

For anyone who wants to know if the sex looks good, I’d give it a “C”. It’s the starter pack of sex: doggy style, reverse cowgirl, and missionary. I only bump it up a letter grade because Kylie makes some entertaining faces throughout.

Rion creampies Kylie to end the scene

Kylie says she wants it (the dick, that is) all the way inside of her, but Milquetoast is confused and cums all the way inside of her. Dude doesn’t even attempt to pull out. You know what else is a form of oppression? Babies you don’t want.

Want to see the full scene without me interrupting? Of course you do. Grab a membership with Bratty Sis to download “Step Sister Liked to Be Naked” and other full-length scenes. They also have channels on XVideos and PornHub.

You can also support Kylie Rocket by subscribing to all of her social media. We’ll see you next time. Drive home safely.

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