Violet Myers is a bad girl that sucks and fucks in the interrogation room

Violet Myers is a bad girl who hides drugs up her butt

Today we’re watching Violet Myers in “Violet Myers Is a Bad Girl That Sucks and Fucks in the Interrogation Room” from and Screw The Cops. That’s a long porn title, sheesh.

Violet just listened to “Fuck Tha Police” on repeat and refuses to say anything in an interrogation room. Unfortunately, the cops literally pull balloons out of her ass. Rather than open her mouth to confess, Violet opens her mouth to put a penis inside of it. If there were EVER a time to turn the bodycam off, this was it.

Violet Myers smiling in the interrogation room.

This is Violet Myers! She’s in trouble for … reasons. It’s never explained what she did. Whatever her crime is, her boyfriend has loose lips. He couldn’t keep his girlfriend’s name out his fuckin’ mouth, so Violet must somehow get through a police interrogation without a lawyer—never a good idea.

Two cops discussing their frustrations with Violet Myers.

This is a police officer. He needs to find out what Violet knows, though we’re not even sure what Violet has done. His boss is giving him permission to use any tactic necessary to get information. I didn’t know police needed permission to be unethical, so I’ve learned something new.

Violet Myer's looks tired from a long interrogation with cops.

The cops have been questioning Violet for an hour, and her eyes tell the story. It’s also possible that’s how her eyes normally look, but let’s give her credit for good acting. Violet refuses to talk, but not because she’s waiting for a lawyer. She’s just rebellious without an endgame. The police get frustrated and opt to frisk sexually assault her.

Cop touches Violet Myer's big tits in interrogation room.

Violet asks, “Is this even legal?” Simple answer: no. This is how police can force a confession. Think along the lines of, if you want this to stop, just confess. Or, all of this is legal, trust me. I watched Last Week Tonight and John Oliver discusses the damaging tactics police use in interrogation rooms. I feel well educated at the moment.

Violet makes a soft confession: never outright saying she’s done anything, but asking to negotiate a deal. LET A LAWYER HANDLE THAT! Has she even been charged with a crime? So here’s the deal, according to the cop behind the camera: if she twerks, she can get a lighter sentence. This makes no sense, so naturally, Violet twerks with her pants down.

But the other cop is like, nah bro, I think she has something up her butt. There is NO way he could know that. But after groping Violet’s pussy, fondling her tits, commenting on her “big, Latina nipples” (a weird fucking thing to say), and getting her to twerk in her panties, the cops sees no reason why he can’t ramp this up a few notches.

Cop pulls a blue balloon out of Violet Myer's big ass.

So he goes digging between her cheeks, and lo and behold there are balloons with drugs! I assume it is drugs. I don’t know why else Violet would jam one balloon in her ass and THREE in her vagina. Unfortunately, loose lips sink ships, and watching this was like watching a seemingly endless number of clowns step out a small car.

Cop fingers Violet Myer's big ass during interrogation.

After Violet is aggressively fingered, camera cop threatens to give her five years per balloon. I didn’t know the law worked that way. Violet, understandably scared and not wanting to go jail, accepts an extremely vague deal: sexual coercion—in the form of intercourse—in exchange for nothing expressly stated. That’s a bad deal.

Violet Myers gives cop a blowjob in exchange for a light sentence.

The cops prove they are shitty cops by committing a sex crime. On camera, nonetheless. For all the protective equipment the police carry—a firearm, pepper spray, a Taser, gloves, a baton, handcuffs—a condom doesn’t make the list.

One cop holds Violet Myer's leg while the other cop has sex with her.

Camera cop grabs Violet’s leg to make sure she doesn’t try to run, because a little more rape is exactly what this moment needs (ugh). Her pants are missing, the other officer has his penis inside of her, and there doesn’t seem to be a window she can jump out of. Unless she’s the girl from Teeth, I doubt she is getting out of this. Most she can do is defiantly flip a middle finger.

Violet Myers gives cop the middle finger while her big tits bounce.

With everything done, the cops go back to work, proud of themselves for getting a confession and forcing a woman into multiple sex acts. If she had any more balloons in her, it is stuffed well up her cervix. I also assume the footage will be sold at a local Sunoco convenience store.

As for Violet, I doubt she got a lighter sentence as police have nothing to do with sentencing. She leaves with a hatred for police, a hatred for her boyfriend, and psychological scars that she’ll try and use weed to medicate.

So, what did we learn? Sexual misconduct from police isn’t new. TIL that in 2019 two former NYPD officers pled guilty to misconduct and receiving a bribe after forcing an 18-year-old woman to perform sex acts in the back of a police vehicle. Her crime? Having weed and Klonopin in her car.

And I’m aware this porn scene is not meant to be taken seriously. But it does play on the power dynamics the police have over vulnerable women, especially women who are black, Latina or Asian. It may not be a pure coincidence that 10 of the 19 models in Screw The Cops’ videos are women of color.

An officer quoted in a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer said, “I would see women that were vulnerable where I could appear as a knight in shining armor.” He explained, “I’m going to help this woman who’s being abused by her boyfriend, and then I’ll ask for sexual favors.” Gross.

Police can legally lie to citizens, and sexual coercion could come with it. So remember, only a District attorney can help you get a light sentence. Confessions only ensure you are found guilty. Don’t talk to police without a lawyer. And try to get the balloons out of your holes BEFORE arriving at the police station.

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