Cory Chase gets stuck in the dryer and only her butt gets loose

Welcome to Porn Logic! Today we’re watching “Step Mom is Stuck in the Dryer” featuring Cory Chase from Jerky Wives.

“Step Mom is Stuck in the Dryer” tells the story of Cory Chase, who tries to fix her otherwise state-of-the-art dryer. On her path to finding a solution, she gets her hand stuck.

She yells for help, and the only person around is her stepson. Unfortunately, this garbage human being is the LAST person she wants help from. Can Cory get out of the dryer before the stepson gets inside her? Of course not, but let’s go over how insane this scene is and find out.

*  *  *

Cory Chase presses button on a broken dryer.

The video begins with Cory Chase dealing with a broken dryer. The best way to deal with broken electronics is to repeatedly tap buttons until something happens, but that isn’t working. Has she considered unplugging then re-plugging the dryer?

Cory—talking to no one but herself—mentions the dryer was giving her problems the other day. If that is true and the dryer eventually worked, do what you did the other day. And if the dryer hasn’t worked this entire time, call someone with the handiness to take a look at it.

Cory Chase sees something in the broken dryer

Cory sees something in the dryer that captures her attention. Even as Cory narrates for an invisible audience, she never mentions what the “something” is. Could it be a portal to the Land of Lost Left Socks?

Cory Chase gets her hand stuck in the dryer

Cory reaches into the dryer to get the “something”, but her hand gets stuck. In what, exactly? Who knows! I did a Google image search for the inside of a dryer and can’t figure this one out, gumshoes.

I went to Quora for answers on how this can happen, in case I’m the asshole for questioning Cory. Michael Naunton provided the best response:

Of the 1,000 people per year getting stuck in washing machines:
• One gets a hand or item of clothing caught in the mechanism.
• Three are very drunk and manage to fall in/pass out while trying to wash clothes.
• 996 are filming stepmom/son porn. Front-loader machines are generally preferred.

Cory hasn’t fallen into the dryer, and the mechanism isn’t running. Only explanation is Cory accidentally entered the porn logic dimension. Best of luck to her and her holes.

Stepson questions why his stepmom is stuck in the dryer

After Cory yells for help, her stepson arrives and asks why she is in the dryer. He then tells her to pull herself out because her being stuck is weird. For a guy who will eventually find himself in an incomprehensible situation, he’s been nothing but on point so far.

Cory says her hand is stuck between the drum. That still doesn’t explain why she reached into the dryer. Plus, unless a part of the drum is uncovered—like where the heat comes out of—or the drum is slightly separated from the dryer, how exactly does this happen?

Cory wants the stepson to grab his father for help, but the father is gone on a business trip. How do you not know that your man has left the city on business? So much of this would be more acceptable if Cody were on drugs.

Also, why is it important that the father be here? She’s acting like he’s the only person who can help her. Is there something that I’m not privy to?

Stepson pulls from behind on his stepmom's silk robe

The stepson tries to pull Cory out of the dryer. This doesn’t involve inspecting Cory’s hand. Rather, he pulls at her silk-covered hips. He’s a moron. Now I see why she wanted the father’s help. He may very well be stupid, too, but he can’t be as dumb as the seed he planted.

Stepson pulls his stepmom's robe, revealing her pussy

While pulling at Cory’s robe, the stepson suddenly pulls up instead of down and reveals her pussy. He tries to play it off like a mistake, but we know better. If Cory is continuing porn’s trend of Winnie the Pooh-ing laundry day, we can’t be surprised the dude tasked with helping her did something creepy and fucked up.

Cory Chase says this isn't working

Cory—still stuck in this dryer—realizes this isn’t working. They have barely tried anything, and they’re all out of ideas. Did either of them think to, I dunno, investigate the stuck hand?!

Stepson grabs stepmom's ass for a better grip

At this point, the stepson turns his swag rape on and lifts up Cory’s robe. Cory is ass out and asks what he’s doing. He claims he’s trying to get a good grip. A grip of what, exactly? Her cheeks?

Though, credit to him for trying something different. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The definition of porn insanity is removing her robe to get a better grip of a body part that has NOTHING to do with the body part that’s stuck.

Stepson jerks off to his stepmom's ass

When pulling at the hips doesn’t work, the stepson decides to take a jerk-off break while Cory’s pussy catches some fresh air conditioning. This is him trying to figure out what to do.

According to Healthline, “many people find that masturbating helps them concentrate better.” While there has been no scientific study on this, the feeling of “post-nut clarity”—where we feel focused after an orgasm—isn’t entirely bullshit.

The stepson is doing is some level of misdemeanor crime, I assume. But it could also boost his concentration. Let’s see how it plays out before rushing to judgment.

Stepson touches stepmom's ass and pussy

So far, no good. The stepson proceeds to grab a handful of Cory’s ass. Cory remarks that touching her butt is not going to figure out how to get her out of the dryer. That’s a grammatically loaded sentence, but she’s right.

Cory Chase thinks her watch is stuck in the dryer

We finally get some clarity as Cory mentions her watch is stuck in the drum. Not sure why she waited to say this, but we can at least move forward and get her some help. Unfortunately, her stepson and his ordinary penis are creeping behind her.

And yes, the stepson is holding a camera. Either this scene is poorly edited, or within this narrative, the stepson brought a recorder to capture his stepmom being stuck in a dryer. In this era of TikTok, that’s actually reasonable.

Stepson begins to penetrate stepmom

OH NO! My body actually jumped in horror like I was watching Insidious. The stepson inserts his dick in Cory, and this is rape. Most reality porn is extremely rapey, but this is a depiction of rape, domestic and sexual abuse wrapped up into one moment.

I have to assume something will happen to take the edge off of the stepson’s actions. Porn will always try to justify or make sense of terrible behavior.

Cory is in disbelief. Not to get too serious about something so absurd, but I can’t (and frankly, don’t want to) imagine being in Cory’s position where someone is inserting himself in her, and she’s helpless to stop it.

It’s also hard to detach from that reality when Cory’s intonation and acting is actually well done. We can hear a genuine sense of shock, disgust, dread, and resignation in her voice.

Stepson fucks stepmom while stuck in dryer

Cory vocally comes to grips with what’s happening: he’s taking advantage of her.

The stepson’s response? “You’re stuck, and dad’s not coming home.” Holy shit, this really is depicting rape! This may be the most insane thing. Jerky Wives isn’t even trying to hide or sugarcoat the reality of what’s happening.

Again, I’m 100% confident something will happen to take some heat off of what we’re seeing. For now, we know what this is, and we’re stuck in this ride. Is this the reason why Cory desperately hoped the father was home? Did she know her stepson was like this?

As she’s being penetrated, Cory says, “You’re just pushing me deeper in the dryer!” Hahahaha, okay, that did make me laugh.

Cory Chase can't get herself out of dryer

The stepson takes a breather after one minute of fucking. Dude should spend more time improving his cardio and less time being a sexual deviant. He taunts Cory by asking if she can get herself out of the dryer.

First off, she clearly said you pushed her deeper in the dryer. So the answer is “no.” Second, why be a dick about it? Third, this is Dark Knight Rises levels of motivation. Somehow, forcing himself into his stepmom will inspire her to find a way out of the dryer, the same way removing a rope inspired Christian Bale to escape an underground prison.

Stepson has anal sex with stepmom

Told you. Also, NOOOOO!!! Dude, pull YOURSELF out! When Cory still can’t get out of the dryer, the stepson decides to have sex with her anally. I hope this ends with Cory crushing his balls.

Cory Chase can't believe stepson is having sex with her

Cory is now incredulous to his logic and questions how pushing a penis in her butt will push her to get out of the dryer. Seems like this will only push her to call the police. Almost in a daze, Cory says, “My butt and my hand is still stuck.” That is true.

Cory adds that the hole (her butt) is only meant for the stepson’s father. What a weird fucking thing to say. Is now really the best time for this? Or did the audience need to hear this to get their rocks off? Because as well all know, anal sex is a gift saved for a relationship.

Stepson has anal sex with stepmom

We spend the next minute and a half just watching anal sex, and this is precisely why I hate porn. It presents an idea that is batshit crazy, and then focuses long enough on the sex to remind us a first-person view of anal does look visually good.

Step Mom is Stuck in the Dryer - Cory Chase

Christ, I hope not! Still stuck in the dryer, Cory begins to replay the situation in her mind and figure out how she ended up here. The one thought she can express is her belief that he would put his hand inside (the dryer, that is). This is why we can’t assume people are thinking on the same page as us.

She laments how he didn’t help her, and comments that “the only thing getting loose is my butt.” I feel like this scene has been building to that one line.

Stepson finishes anal sex with stepmom

The stepson continues relishing in his crime (I feel like I’ve typed too long without mentioning this is a crime). He comments on how easily he slides right into her, even saying that it (her butt) is meant for it (sex). Holy hell dude, that’s sadistic as fuck!

It’s depressing to know some guys do think that way about anal sex, as if a woman’s ass is an object of curiosity meant for a man’s pleasure.

Stepson lowers stepmom's robe after sex

I’m so ready for this scene to be over, and mercifully, the stepson feels the same. He finally stops, but in a bit of a surprise, doesn’t orgasm. There is no post-nut clarity, so he won’t consider the despicable nature of his actions and most likely do it again.

He says he will call a plumber for help. I was not aware that helping people who are stuck is a part of a plumber’s job duties. Wouldn’t a firefighter be a better choice? I know they don’t actually rescue cats from trees, but this does seem worthy of calling emergency services.

Before the stepson leaves, Cory asks him to at least fix her robe. She doesn’t want the plumber doing to her what the stepson just did.

That’s not fair. Same time, and no offense to plumbers or maintenance men, I wouldn’t trust them around a woman with her ass out. At least emergency services would cover her up and keep things moving.

Cory Chase reveals she faked being stuck in the dryer

I told you this scene would find a way, and it did. Turns out, Cory wasn’t stuck at all, because of course she wasn’t. That was a stupid premise to begin with.

This is not the first time she has pretended to be stuck in something while wearing easily removable clothes. Why? Because she apparently knows her stepson would do this, and that’s what she was hoping for. GTFOH!

Look, maybe Cory has a kink for consensual non-consent, and I don’t want to judge people for their kinks. But if this is what Cory wants (her words), I feel like there are much easier ways to get it.

* * *

“Step Mom is Stuck in the Dryer” is hysterically insane: the highest form of insanity, and mostly because of the ending. We went from the stupid porn lesson of not getting stuck in dryers, to faking being stuck in dryers to lure someone into non-consensual sex, because … get sex at all costs?

Until that point, this was more disturbing than anything else. Most porn would make non-consensual sex abruptly consensual. This doesn’t do that. Fuck everything about this scene. And yes, Cory Chase looked great.

You can find “Step Mom is Stuck in the Dryer” with Cory Chase on XVideos, and purchase the entire scene from Jerky Wives’ Clips 4 Sale page. Have a good night, and drive home safe.

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