Angela White waited for her husband after mailing her panties

Welcome to Porn Logic! Today we’re watching “I Waited for You” featuring Angela White and Manuel Ferrara from VIXEN.

This will probably be one of the least insane porn videos we look at. Angela is at home alone while her husband is on a business trip. Despite having an open relationship, Angela is at a point where sexually she only wants her husband. She sends him a memento of their passion, leading them to make love upon his return.

*  *  *

Angela White in bed and typing on her computer.

My co-workers are a distraction because I socialize way too much at work. So I love working from home. However, Angela feels the distraction is her husband–believable in a world where married people actually love being around each other. For her, being alone and away from him should make her more productive.

Also, that headboard is obnoxiously big. While it’s a sign of luxury and helps the overall aesthetic, I’d like to think no one would purchase an all-white bedroom set.

Manuel Ferrara kisses his wife on the head.

Angela thinks back to a time her and her husband had sex, but I must be confused. Is the husband dead? Because Angela is talking about him like he’s dead.

Angela White and her husband have sex on the kitchen counter.

Titties! If Angela is used to fucking her husband all the time (and based on her memories, they fucked every moment and everywhere), then yes, that would be a distraction when he’s around.

But he’s not. So if the distraction is not being able to go a few days without fucking because he’s gone, then I’m not completely sure what that is. Addiction? Good dick?

Angela White in I Waited for You.

According to Marija Kovachevska on, “80%-90% of people in open marriages felt happier after they started to engage in swinging.” [Source]

Without ever being in an open relationship, or knowing someone in one, I would assume open relationships aren’t as much about making emotional attachments with other people, but more so having sex. It would stand to reason that having enjoyable sex would make people happy.

I understand sex is traditionally intended to be a bond with someone that isn’t shared with others. But it’s also reasonable to think sometimes people get tired of sex with the same person. Not that they fall out of love, but merely appreciate some novelty and a hint of sexual freedom.

I can see the issues with open relationships. Jealousy can easily become a problem, and we need to know our partners are doing everything to protect themselves.

It’s also unfair to expect one person to fulfill their partner’s every emotional and sexual need, as well as their interests. That’s putting too much on a person. If someone values sex in a relationship (and particularly the novelty of it), then an open relationship may be best. At the very least, don’t be in a monogamous relationship.

Angela White masturbates on the bed.

I assumed we were going on an adventure of Angela finding a partner while Manuel is gone. Instead, this has been solved rather quickly. She just wants Manuel, which is pretty romantic. Hopefully Manuel feels the same way.

Angela White and Manuel Ferrara have sex in the shower.

I’m all for Angela reminiscing about the times she and Manuel had sex, but shower sex is overrated. A few grievances:

  • It’s an unnecessary challenge to sexual intercourse.
  • It’s slippery and presents a bit of physical danger.
  • The only position we can realistically do is standing doggystyle.
  • Water isn’t lube.
  • Hot water beating against the face and body is distracting.
I Waited for You with Angela White from VIXEN

Women are so graceful with how they masturbate. Angela is just mentally replaying her moments with Manuel, getting lost in the memories, and is able to rub one out in a way that looks so peaceful.

If men missed their girl, they would just pull up some Reddit porn, jerk one off, and get back to writing. At least I would. Who am I kidding? I would be too tired to write.

Angela White's ass is pressed against the shower.

Butt prints. I looked up the best way to clean glass shower panels. Apparently, it involves a vinegar soak to dissolve hard water spots and soap scum, baking soda as an abrasive to scrub the glass, and rinsing with fresh water. The more you know.

Angela White licks her fingers after masturbating.

I’m not on board with tasting my own genital fluids, and neither should you. Although, if Angela were licking her fingers to further masturbate, I would somehow find that more acceptable. It’s stupid, I know.

I went to Quora, and apparently dudes tasting their own semen after masturbation are common. From an anonymous writer:

Eating your own semen (“cum”) when you masturbate is an increasingly popular practice, particularly among young guys who have just learned to masturbate and are still experimenting with their bodies and sexuality. If you’re straight, most women LOVE a guy who will go down on them after he’s just filled their pussy with his cum.

What and WHAT?! I don’t believe that last sentence. Did I miss the boat on this, or is this dude fucking with the person who originally asked about it?

Angela White sniffs her own panties.

Gross. That’s a nose full of fluid-soiled panties. Though again, if she sniffed Manuel’s underwear, that would somehow be more understanding in my eyes.

Angela White mails her panties to her husband.

So FedEx-ing underwear with ejaculate is sexy now? No lie, priority mailing underwear overnight is a nice gesture, but I think I would prefer video sex.

Manuel Ferrara returns home from his business trp.

I wanted to think Manuel returned immediately after getting and smelling Angela’s panties. Like he sniffed them, cancelled all of his meetings, and hopped on the first flight he could. Turns out, it’s two weeks later.

Manuel Ferrara sniffs his wife's panties.

My man is revved up! He has returned home to Angela and is STILL sniffing those panties. Real question: how intoxicating is the smell of Angela’s pussy?

Also, wouldn’t some of the scent be gone by now? It’s been two weeks, and based on his current behavior, I have to assume he was removed the panties from the Ziploc bag multiple times to smell them.

Angela White says she waited for her husband.

I initially laughed, and then realized this is actually a powerful moment. Angela had ample chances to fuck someone else, and chose not to. That speaks volume.

Manuel Ferrara in I Waited For You with Angela White.

Yes!!! Manuel waited as well, that’s awesome. That neither person partook in the “open” part of their open relationship is legitimately sweet. They’re about to have sex in every room, the patio, and maybe even the neighbor’s house. Good for them.

Manuel Ferrara licks his wife pussy against the wall.

Oral sex is a far more efficient way to smell Angela’s vagina. Let’s just give it up for a couple that genuinely wants each other emotionally and sexually.

Angela White and Manuel Ferrara have sex in the bed.

Why I haven’t I been watching VIXEN before now? I appreciate the sex isn’t very graphic and doesn’t go so “hard” on the “hardcore” action. The sex positions are reasonable, the cameraman doesn’t seem to be going for the money shot all the time, and the sex itself feels realistic.

This is good porn.

*  *  *

“I Waited for You” is peaceful. There isn’t much about it that’s insane. The only part that’s a bit crazy is Angela cumming in her panties and then mailing them via FedEx, an unexpected product placement. But even that seems fine considering Manuel clearly enjoys sniffing them.

You can find “I Waited for You” on XVideos, and purchase a membership with VIXEN to download the entire scene. Have a good night, and drive home safely.

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