Kali Roses is straight, lonely, and down to fuck Violet Myers

Welcome to Porn Logic! Today we’re watching “Straight, But … Lonely” featuring Kali Roses and Violet Myers from Adult Time.

Kali Roses feels lonely as her boyfriend works overseas. They have an open relationship, but Kali can’t go through having sex with another man. Her BFF Violet Myers suggests Kali tries a woman. And by “a woman,” Violet means herself.

Aren’t we at a point where gay and lesbian experiences are normalized? Yes, we can always afford to have more people normalize this. I could be wrong, but I feel like society is at a place where these experiences aren’t considered so taboo.

Now acceptance is a different story. We have a ways to go before the LGBT community is truly accepted in society. If “acceptance” is what Kali is looking to express, then I wholeheartedly agree.

Slogan "you're straight until you aren't"

“You’re straight until you’re not.” Yea, I don’t think that’s how it works.

I don’t believe sexual preference and orientation are a conscious choice. I didn’t knowingly decide to like women. In that same vein, I don’t think people are “turned” gay or bi as if an experience makes us change our sexual orientation. Rather, experiences bring out parts of our sexuality that have been dormant.

This is turning into a complicated discussion. Porn, please give me an escape!

F***, it’s just more talking.

Kali sets the backstory: she was (is?) in a relationship with her boyfriend, but he chose to work overseas. They tried having a long-distance relationship, but with the both of them wanting the sexual aspects of a relationship, being so separated was difficult.

They opted to have an open relationship and see other people as long as it was sexual and not emotional. Kali would go on dates with other men, but couldn’t go through having sex with someone other than her boyfriend.

All of this is sensible.

Then Kali has a throw-away line about the open relationship being easier for him than her. I think men would say the polar opposite under the misconception that women have a lot of dick options simply because dudes are always offering.

I could see her boyfriend confusing Kali’s ability to attract dick with her willingness to accept dick. But if this were difficult for Kali, Kali should have never agreed to an open relationship. That’s on her.

If neither person can handle a long-distance relationship due to the lack of sex, nor reach an agreement to close that gap, then they have to accept they aren’t right for each other at this time in their lives.

Kali goes to Violet for advice and explains she can’t kiss other guys because they remind her of her boyfriend. I would typically think that dates go against the “no strings attached” edict of her open relationship, and then I remember everyone uses Tinder for no strings attached dates.

Violet, a genuinely decent and observant friend, tells Kali she has a type and is dating guys similar to her boyfriend. Kali should consider dating people who don’t resemble her boyfriend.

I approve of this idea.

Then Violet suggests Kali tries being with a woman. I approve of Violet skillfully making her move.

Violet is plottin’ and calculating the number of steps necessary to get tongue-deep in Kali’s p****.

Beginning a sentence with “I swear I’m not saying this because” is a derivative of “hear me out” and “with all due respect.” You’re about be a bit disrespectful, you plan on saying something that doesn’t need to heard, and you are saying this expressly because of something else.

Got ’em.

Bitch, you’ve thought about this for all of three seconds. How much thinking did you really accomplish?

With all due respect, Kali Roses already has that Cali girl voice that suggests she’s at least 75% open to any idea (e.g., an open relationship) because it’s a new discovery in her life.

Violet knows Kali has fallen into her web, and she is ready to feast.

In fairness, Kali’s eyes also suggest she has Violet in mind. Violet is simply supplying Kali’s demand. Sometimes plans naturally work itself out.

Violet tries to the pull the “but I’m your best friend” line, saying she doesn’t want things to be awkward between them. It’s a thoughtful gesture, but easy to do once  Kali has already made the suggestion and Violet knows there’s an 85% chance this ends in sex.

Technically, Kali is right. Choosing to have sex with your friend will bring the two of you closer together. But Violet is also correct in saying this could make things awkward moving forward. Both can be true.

Gurl, we already knew that. Mr. Ms. Steal Your Girl is smooth.

That’s a hot kiss. I swear lesbian scenes just come across far more sensual and sexier than straight scenes.

Violet is a tits woman. I learned something new today. She also says Kali is “so soft.” It’s 1000% a compliment, and I feel a man wouldn’t have been able to say it as beautifully.

I picture a guy saying “you’re so soft,” and I see one of two things: a) an overly talkative guy who can’t help but comment on every observation, or b) a guy with a fetish for curves.

Other phrases that work better when a woman says it:

  • “I want to taste you.”
  • “Let’s get these pillows out the way.”
  • “You’re so good with your tongue.”
  • “Why don’t you sit on my face?”

These two got naked so fast, I barely noticed it. I took a hot second to sip some water, came back and Kali’s soft body was on full displayed. She’s a cutie; I like her.

I’m convinced lesbian porn is an education in foreplay, pending you focus on the details and not the porn-iness of it.

Most of the time, the only thing I learn from porn is how life (and sex) DOESN”T work. But watching a woman with another woman shows how beautifully sex CAN work.

It took Violet nearly six steps to get here, but see how beautiful that looks! I feel like if this were straight porn, we’d see a hypersonic, aggressive tongue and a lot of head movement.

Naturally, this prompted me to Google search “how to eat pussy.” Fuck a porn addiction. I have an information addiction. Men’s Health has an article offering the best oral sex tips, and at the bottom is advice from real internet women. Here’s my favorite:

“When someone is licking my clit the way I like, I usually grab their head and grind my hips into their face for even more pressure. I guess that’s not a tip so much as a sign that I’m really liking what you’re doing down there.” —Brit, 27

That’s solid advice and covers the basics: stay down there as long as it takes, ask your partner what they want, and listen to their physical and verbal responses (which also implies trying different things).

Wait, I’m sorry. There seems to be a new challenger:

“Pop a butt plug into her ass before you go down on her. Game-changer.” —Lucy, 29

Sorry Brit, but I gotta give the win to Lucy. The directness and shock value of her advice truly is a game-changer.

In a phrase only Violet can sound good while saying, she says Kali’s ass is so big her pussy gets lost in what is essentially ass and thigh meat. Again, it is 1000% a compliment. I have never heard of a big butt described this way, but damn it’s so accurate and funny.


“Straight But … Lonely” is peaceful. There’s virtually nothing insane about it. This is good stuff.

You can find “Straight But … Lonely” on Adult Time. Consider buying a membership with Adult Time to download the entire scene. Have a good night, and drive home safely.

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