Dee Williams and Paris White take a study break to eat p*ssy

Welcome to Porn Logic! Today we’re watching “Study Her” featuring Dee Williams and Paris White from Reality Kings and Moms Lick Teens.

Dee Williams is cleaning her kitchen when her daughter Paisley and friend Paris White arrive to study for midterms. For reasons that go unexplained, Dee decides she’s going to have sex with Paris. If you think there is very little story to this, you are correct.

Dee Williams clean kitchen in tight sweater dress.

We open with cleaning! Because that’s sexy. /s

A microwave, two ovens, six eyes on a stove, an electric mixer, blender, a toaster, and plenty of counter space? Dee has so many things to clean!

Also, is this bitch wearing high heels with her cheeks out for cleaning day? I don’t understand this outfit other than this is porn and nothing ever truly makes sense when cleaning is involved.

Camera focuses on Dee's massive tits as daughter and friend walk in.

We’re only seconds in, and Reality Kings reminds us this is porn by having Dee Williams’—lemme check my notes—”massive tits” jiggle in an outfit that isn’t conducive for cleaning.

Paris White and Paisley sit at table and discuss how midterms are the worst.

Dee dies a little bit inside when she says “Hey” to Paris and Paisley and doesn’t get a response. That’s right, just keep cleaning like you didn’t say anything.

Paris and the Paisley sit down and begin talking about things that don’t matter, capped off with Paris saying “midterms are the worst.” Word? Are they?

I know the middle of the school year is a drag, but even if you completely bomb your midterms, you still have a second-half of the year to make up for it. There is worse than this, like entering the finals with a failing grade.

Apparently, these two are at Dee’s house to study because the library was short on space. Paris “can’t believe the library was so busy.”

You can’t believe the library was so busy? You just said you’re going through midterms. Why would students have a space expressly made for studying only to not use it to study for an important time of the school year? Shut up.

Dee introduces herself to Paris.

Dee has heard enough, and forcefully introduces herself to Paris. Why Paisley wouldn’t introduce her friend to her mom is beyond me. You can’t bring people into someone else’s home and not say sh*t.

Also, is Reality Kings purposely making it tough to feel sympathy for Paisley when her mom and friend start licking each other?

Dee tells her daughter to do the laundry.

Dee takes a moment to make her daughter look bad by reminding her to finish her chores before she goes to bed. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but returning rudeness with rudeness is good in my book.

Dee stares at her daughter's friend as they study.

Paisley tries to get back to studying, but Paris mentions that Dee seems nice. In porn, that’s somehow considered foreshadowing. Let’s see how “nice” Paris thinks Dee is in a few minutes.

I don’t know what happened in that exchange that would make Dee look so longingly at Paris, other than being reminded that Dee Williams and Paris White will lick each other’s boxes at some point.

I don’t think it’s because of Paris’ looks. That’s not saying she’s unattractive. 95% of women are good-looking. It’s just Paris looks exactly like Dee’s daughter, so that would be weird.

Was it Paris saying Dee was nice? Is that all it takes for Dee to want to f*ck someone? Maybe anyone can say a halfway decent thing to her, and she’s ready to titty drop them.

Dee tells her daughter to get clothes out of the dryer.

After some consideration, Dee decides to make her move. This study session has gotten too boring for Dee and the viewer.

Dee suggests Paisley takes her clothes out of the dryer so Dee can use the dryer at a future point in time that definitely won’t be tonight.

In fairness to Paisley, getting clothes out of a dryer isn’t worth forcing a study break. Even if Dee has other things to wash, can’t she just remove her daughter’s clothing?

Paisley said, “I literally have no time, and we have to study together.” You do have time. You’re studying, not working on a project. Study groups are a scam, anyway. The weaker students use the kindness of the stronger students to make up for their lack of preparation.

Dee offers to help her daughter's 'adorable' friend with studying.

Dee needs her daughter to go away for a while and says she will help Paisley’s “adorable” friend while Paisley deals with the laundry.

I’m sure you will, Dee. Paris gon’ learn something tonight.

Dee puts her hand on Paris' thigh.

Dee seems helpful until she starts rubbing Paris’ thigh. I’m not sure how that is supposed to help Paris remember her study notes.

Paris tries to play it off and talks about what she’s learned so far as if anyone would give two f*cks.

I know Paris trying to pretend none of this is happening and doesn’t want to make a scene or turn an already awkward situation more awkward. But gurl, it’s happening! Dee is forcing the issue.

Either Paris is going to exchange numbers, f*ck her friend’s mom tonight, or flatly deny Dee’s advances. Ignoring this will only make Dee come harder. And no, a sexual innuendo wasn’t intended.

Paris bites her lip because she wants sex with her friend's mom.

Oh, never mind. Paris wants to f*ck Dee. A biting of the lip confirms it. That solved itself.

Dee takes the hint and tells Paris, “I bet you have delightful nipples.” Please note I didn’t alter that quote in any way.

I’m not sure what constitutes nipples as “delightful.” Based on a Google image search, delightful nipples (in connection with “delicious nipples”) are pointed and sit atop bumpy-Braille Stevie Wonder areolas.

Dee's daughters asks what to do with the laundry.

Paisley has bad timing and returns with a basket of laundry, wondering what to do with it.

Uh, what do you think?! If I remember correctly (something porn doesn’t expect us to do), it was your clothes in the dryer. What would you normally do with YOUR clothes after it’s dry? Just do that. Between her and Paris, we now know who the smart one is.

Dee is like, “why the f*ck are you here right now?” Dee is busy trying to finger her daughter’s friend, and suddenly her daughter as laundry amnesia. This is what the stress of midterms will do to you.

Dee Williams and Paris White fingering GIF

I don’t like to use GIFs often, but when Paris has a jump scare over Dee fingering her under the table, a GIF seems necessary.

Dee signals to Paris not to make a sound. We all know these two are going to make too many sounds later, and if I know porn, they won’t even bother going to a bedroom.

Dee tells Paris to focus, but Paris is like, “How sway? You’re fingering me!” I concur. This study group has deviated into unexpected sexual activity. Paris is under no expectation to focus.

Dee Williams and Paris White fingering under a table.

We get a close-up on what Dee is doing, and boy, she is REALLY getting in there. I almost spit my water out.

But again, why is this happening? I know we can lazily explain this away by saying Dee is a cougar. She is horny, college students are forever horny, and Dee will push the boundaries on any opportunity she can get. Done and done.

Otherwise, what is going on in Dee’s life that would cause her to prey on her daughter’s friend like this?

Paris White and Dee Williams masturbation.

Oh look, the daughter’s back and doing chores Dee didn’t tell her do. Meanwhile, Paris and Dee are enjoying some mutual masturbation under the table! It’s always better when both parties are willing participants.

Paisley watches her mom and friend flirt.

You know who I feel bad for? The daughter. She notices something is going on and, unlike most porn NPCs, has the smarts to leave the sink and see what’s happening.

What does one say after discovering their mom and friend masturbating? Dee or Paris technically haven’t done anything wrong, per say. It’s just—that really ruins the night and Christmas later this year.

And what could Paris honestly say to all of this? Your mom made me do it? Everyone should go their separate ways, Dee should let her daughter cry things out in a pillow, and the daughter should live in college dorms from now on.

Dee tells Paris not to worry about her daughter.

Or, Dee should finish what she started. Paris wants to go after Paisley, but Dee doesn’t see the point. Dee is in sex mode, so don’t kill her vibe.

Dee is right, though. There’s no point in running upstairs after Paisley, apologizing, or talking things out. Might as well get wet now and talk it over in the morning.

Paris White and Dee Williams nipple sucking

Nipple sucking! I was gonna say that’s a lot of nipple for Paris to suck, but I would be wrong. That’s a lot of titty to suck. Real question for Paris: does it taste delightful?

At this point, I assume Dee Williams and Paris White are going to have sex while Paisley has disappeared into a dimension where her mom isn’t f*cking her friend. I’ll grab another cup of water and come back if anything interesting happens.

Dee burying her p*ssy in Paris’ mouth must mean we’re done here. How crazy would it be if Paisley walked in on this? While you hide the knives, grab some disinfectant spray and re-clean the counter, let’s see how insane this scene was.

“Study Her” is insane enough to give me paranoia. Either Dee has magic fingers or college students are horny as f*ck because Paris was DTF and didn’t hesitate. As crazy as that was, the most insane part was that Dee’s interest in having sex with Paris was NEVER explained.

You can find “Study Her” featuring Dee Williams and Paris White on Reality Kings and purchase a membership to download the entire scene. Have a good night, and drive home safely.

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