Kendra Lust & Riley Reid - Mommy Posing - Mommy's Girl

Kendra Lust and Riley Reid share a weird daughter fantasy

We’re watching “Mommy Posing” with Kendra Lust and Riley Reid from Mommy’s Girl.

When Kendra’s usual yoga instructor cancels, Riley is sent by the studio as a substitute. Kendra uses the power of her shapely butt to seduce Riley. But before making Riley her full-time instructor and sex partner, Kendra has one request: be like her daughter and call Kendra “mommy.”

Welcome to Porn Logic!

This must be a flashback. Casey Calvert trusting her mom’s friend enough to come out is a sweet moment until you remember the mom’s friend has sex with Casey.

I know it is possible Casey showed interest in Kendra and Kendra simply reciprocated, but I doubt it!

Kendra, a grown-ass woman, is hurt that her friend’s college-aged daughter doesn’t want to come out and play anymore. Was the sex that good?

Kendra preyed on Casey and took advantage of an opportunity, confirmed. For reasons that are hypocritical and hard to unpack, I would be less okay if a middle-aged man were the one preying on Casey.

Kendra Lust big tits

Holy big tits, Kendra Lust! I don’t understand this camera view. Is Riley Reid the size of a child?

Wouldn’t the studio have to confirm with Kendra before changing yoga instructors? Maybe they reached out, but Kendra was too busy having a case of the sads over some college pussy.

Kendra Lust & Riley Reid in Mommy Posing

You’ll certainly get to know each other a lot better, Riley. For the uneducated, like me, Yogamatters explains what a yoga flow is:

Often called flow yoga, Vinyasa Flow is a style of yoga with focus on transitions and movements, with less time spent in stationary poses.

Ohhhh … I still don’t get it. But thank you!

Kendra Lust & Riley Reid yoga

Just so you know, warrior poses are a good way to strengthen your legs and core, and improve flexibility and balance.

Kendra Lust big butt

But never mind that shit, because here’s Kendra’s noticeably round ass!

… I’m not even sure what to say to this.

And clearly, neither does Riley.

Here’s some context, but it won’t make sense: When Casey confided in Kendra, Kendra set it up as a role-play so Casey could practice telling her mother she may be lesbian.

That’s fine. Kendra wanted to be empathetic as if Casey was her real daughter and helped Casey open up.

Again, that’s fine. BUT Kendra then had sex with Casey.

At best, Kendra dropped the role-play and transitioned to eating Casey out. At worst, Kendra was still role playing and thought a mother having sex with her daughter was a thing. It is not.

Flash forward to the present, and Kendra wants Riley to pretend they are mother and daughter and have sex. Makes sense?

No you don’t! Riley, don’t pretend to understand Kendra’s request in the name of quality customer service.

Riley Reid and Kendra Lust lesbian

“Good luck to you and that ‘daughter’ of yours. Byeeeee.”

Ohhhh, I see. Kendra doesn’t need a pretend daughter. She needs someone to pretend to be like her daughter. Worlds apart, those two ideas are.

So … did Kendra fuck her daughter? I pray she’s conveniently forgetting the prefix step-.

Don’t try to make sense of this Riley. My professional advice: either go ahead and request cash, or peace out this bitch. No judgment either way.

MILF Kendra Lust & cute teen Riley Reid

The way Kendra is describing this doesn’t sound sexual at all. But Riley should request more details on what Kendra expects her to do. Homework? Talk about boys? Have her hair braided?

Someone tells Kendra this isn’t a straight porn scene. She’s confusing her innuendos.

Riley should take the money and do what Kendra wants. This could turn into a horror movie, but as a former independent contractor, I know consistent clientele and any extra cash flow helps.

I guess we’re doing this. Good choice, Riley. I think Kendra would like to start with “The Bridge to Pleasuretown.”

Kendra Lust teasing Riley Reid

Riley gives Kendra an ass massage, which definitely isn’t a yoga pose. Not that I’m complaining.

Riley Reid and Kendra Lust butt massage

Nope! Thanks, I hate it. “Mommy” talk took me right out of this.

Riley Reid spreads Kendra Lust's ass


Kendra Lust and Riley Reid lesbian kiss

Aaaaaahhhh!!! As long as Riley keeps calling Kendra “mommy,” I accept that anything moving forward is going to be a little less hot and bit more gross.

Kendra Lust & Riley Reid stepmom fantasy

Bless her heart. Riley doesn’t realize it’s too late to turn this car back around.

Kendra Lust yoga

Gross. The “mommy” bit, not the good ol’ fashion “Back That Ass Up” pose.

Kendra Lust pussy and big ass

Just eat it already. Everyone and their pretend daughter know where this is going.

Kendra Lust and Riley Reid pussy licking

FINALLY! I mean—GROSS! I don’t know how I feel anymore. On one hand, Riley is pretending to be Kendra’s daughter, who Kendra apparently fantasizes being eaten out by. On the other, this is hot.

Kendra Lust and Riley Reid nipple licking

Nope! I’m out, fellas. The rest of this is just Kendra Lust and Riley Reid having sex while Riley continually calls Kendra “mommy.” I’ll step away for a glass of lemon water and return if anything interesting happens.

Riley Reid & Kendra Lust facesitting

Face-smothering. This feels too aggressive and intense to be called facesitting.

Riley Reid and Kenda Lust from Mommy's Girl

Kendra telling Riley she’s “such a good girl who makes mommy happy” means we should get out of here before this somehow gets any weirder.

This is outrageously insane! If we erased the “mommy” and “daughter” stuff, this actually isn’t that crazy. Without that, it’s just Kendra Lust having sex with her cute yoga instructor, Riley Reid.

Yoga is quite sexual, so yoga turning into sex makes sense. What doesn’t make sense (or is too batshit insane to consider) is Kendra having a daughter sex fantasy.

And yes, Kendra is likely referring to Casey because they had a fucked up role-play. But why keep the ambiguity open?

I could yell at the clouds about how weird insane it is, but instead, I’ll leave you with this comment from porn viewer Jimmysplash:

Amazing! I love she has her ass in face.

No one watches porn for the plot. People want to see “ass in face.” You can find “Mommy Posing” with Kendra Lust and Riley Reid at Mommy’s Girl and purchase a membership to download the entire scene. Have a good night, and drive home safely.

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