Husband, Unleashed with Codey Steele, Codi Vore, and Liv Revamped

You want to cheat, and the marriage counselor assists

Today we have “Husband, Unleashed” with Codi Vore, Codey Steele, and featuring Liv Revamped from Pure Taboo. To eliminate any confusion, we’ll call Codey Steele “Harry.”

Liv Revamped and Codey Steele in Husband, Unleashed - AdultTime Series

[In the bed with Harry and Liv]

LIV: You’re a great husband. I love you.

HARRY: Thanks. I try my best.

LIV: We should have sex.

HARRY: Or, we can talk about doing a picnic and hike this weekend.

LIV: Sure, sounds great. Now touch my left breast. I’m horny.

HARRY: Do I have to?

LIV: What was that?

HARRY: Nothing. Here you go.

Harry begins cupping Liv’s left breast.

Husband, Unleashed with Codey Steele, Codi Vore, and Liv Revamped

LIV: Mmm, that ain’t quite it. How about you get on top of me and try that again?

HARRY: I’m not sure how that would fix it.

Harry gets on top of Liv and massages her breasts.

LIV: You’re right. It doesn’t. I wasted our time.

HARRY: No, it’s just—

LIV: You’re like the perfect husband. You’re selfless and do everything I want.

HARRY: Oh, well that’s sweet of you to—

LIV: I just wish you were more assertive.

HARRY: You know I’m not rough or aggressive. I don’t know how to be.

LIV: I didn’t use those two words.

HARRY: Wait, what does any of this have to do with how I touch your breasts?

PureTaboo - Liv Revamped - Husband, Unleashed

LIV: Suddenly, I’m upset. Let’s go to marriage counseling.

HARRY: I don’t understand what’s happening!

[Harry and Liv meet Dr. Codi Vore for marriage counseling]

Codi Vore - Husband Unleashed - PureTaboo

CODI: So, you called me for an appointment. What’s up with that?

LIV: My husband isn’t assertive enough in bed.

CODI: OK. Describe a day in your life.

LIV: It starts with him cooking me breakfast. He knows how I like my eggs.

CODI: That’s nice. Harry, how would you describe your day?

HARRY: Exactly how she said it. I cook eggs for her. She likes them over-easy.

CODI: I don’t care. How do you like your eggs?

LIV: He likes them scrambled.

CODI: I didn’t ask you.

HARRY: Uh, I don’t know. No one has ever asked me this, and I have never given it any thought.

CODI: I see.

Codi Vore turns Liv Revamped's husband into a REAL MAN

LIV: It’s my turn to speak. He does everything for me during the day, and I will not mention anything I do for him so as to make him look selfless and make our relationship seem imbalanced.

CODI: Hmm, your relationship seems imbalanced.

LIV: I don’t understand why you would think that.

CODI: Harry, what do you do?

LIV: He’s a lawyer.

CODI: *Ugh, bitch.*

HARRY: Not quite. I work in divorce mitigation. I help people compromise.

CODI: Funny, I do something similar. Aren’t we so cute? Hehe.

LIV: Back to me. What does this have to do with my sex life?

CODI: Harry sounds like an amazing husband. He does so much for you.

LIV: I know that. So stay on topic and stop trying to fuck my man.

Sex therapist makes husband an assertive man

CODI: OK. I’ll just directly fuck your man.

LIV: Wha?!!!!

HARRY: […]

CODI: You’re too controlling. The only way to fix this is to watch Harry do something wild without interference. I’m going to use my vagina to help.

LIV: This is ridiculous.

CODI: I have counseling credentials and you don’t, so shut up.

HARRY: She does make a good point, babe. She has credentials.

LIV: Oh, so now you want to speak up?

Marriage Counselor unleashes the beast

CODI: You have to let Harry unleash the beast.

BROCK LESNAR: Did someone call for me?

CODI: Not now. Liv, sit in that chair while I fuck your husband!

Liv sits down in the chair.

CODI: Harry, take off your shirt.

HARRY: Yes, ma’am.

CODI: Now grab my tits. They are bigger than your wife’s. I will say this in front of her to make her feel small and insignificant. I’m a counselor.

HARRY: Yes, ma’am.

CODI: You do a great job of rubbing my big, natural tits.

HARRY: … Thank you! I’ve been waiting for a woman to compliment me during sex in a way that makes me feel manly. I’m a changed man now.

LIV: […]

Man has sex with his marriage counselor Codi Vore in front of his wife

CODI: Liv, take off Harry’s pants.

LIV: Yes, ma’am.

CODI: Okay, I’m going to suck Harry’s dick. Harry, do you like me sucking your dick in front of your wife?

HARRY: [Looks at wife] I do. I very much do. I’m a big man.

CODI: Yes, you are. As a reminder, my big tits are big and natural. Tit-fuck me.

HARRY: Yes, ma’am.

CODI: He can’t do this with your tits, huh lil’ bitch?

LIV: […]

HARRY: That didn’t seem necessary.

Cuckholded wife watches her husband fuck big natural tits marriage counselor

CODI: Shut up. Harry, put yourself inside me. But place me in a position where I can look your wife dead into her soul and snatch whatever sense of pride she has remaining.


CODI: Are you cool with watching your husband slide his penis in and out of me?

LIV: *shellshocked*

CODI: Okay, I thought you would’ve stopped me by now, and I’m actually enjoying the sex. So I’ll do this to completion–aka when he cums. I’ll periodically taunt you as he fucks me. Fair?

LIV: […]

Cody and Harry do sex and things such as that for roughly 30 minutes.

Codi Vore in Husband, Unleased - AdultTIme Series

HARRY: I’m completed. I’ll cum on your tits.

CODI: Good, they’re big and natural. Hey Liv! You remember how much bigger my tits are than yours, right?

LIV: Are you proud of yourself, Harry?

CODI: Oh, she speaks.

HARRY: I feel like a man. And fuck that picnic we talked about. I’m hanging out with the boys, ’cause that’s who I am now.

LIV: I was looking forward to said picnic. I don’t like this.

CODI: Nope. I gave you the assertive man you wanted. Pay me.

LIV: That’s not assertive. That’s being an aggressive asshole.


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