Violet Myers and Rico Strong from Interracial Pickups

Violet Myers gives you and your friend sex instead of gas money

This is an abridged version of Violet Myer’s untitled scene from Interracial Pickups. The Dogfart Network doesn’t waste time with giving its scenes titles the same way we don’t waste time with summarizing porn.

In this story, two Good Samaritans give Violet a ride home, refuse her offering of gas money and opt to leave. That’s when Violet says she wants to have sex with them and film it. Not because she feels pressured to offer them anything. She just likes sex, and these Good Samaritans become Lucky Samaritans.

(PRINCE YAHSHUA and RICO STRONG drive around a neighborhood.)

PRINCE: What a lovely day to drive around in circles, huh Rico?

RICO: Indeed it is.

PRINCE: Yup, just two guys out here doing what we do.

RICO: What do we do, exactly?

PRINCE: Unclear—look at the ass on that girl! Let’s roll down the back windows for a better look.

CAMERAMAN: Thank you, Prince.

RICO: What the fuck is going on?

PRINCE: Looks like her car is stranded.

RICO: No, I mean, why is a girl with all that ass just out here in booty shorts?

PRINCE: Don’t know and don’t care. We gotta pull over for that.

RICO: Do you have to?

PRINCE: I’m driving, so yes.

(PRINCE pops a U-turn, and pulls up next to VIOLET MYERS.)

RICO: You’re a hot girl alone on the side of the road. What’s up with that?

VIOLET: I’ll tell you, but please don’t focus on my unreasonably revealing booty shorts.

CAMERAMAN: Won’t make any promises.

VIOLET: Fine, my car broke down and I’m just looking at it.

PRINCE: Okay. I guess that’s a solution.

VIOLET: I also called AAA for help.

RICO: That’s a better solution. How long ago did you call them?

VIOLET: An hour and a half.

RICO: Really? The weather isn’t bad, you’re not stranded in the middle of nowhere, and it’s daylight.


PRINCE: Don’t mind him. Where do you live?

VIOLET: I’m right up the street.

PRINCE: Perfect. We can give you a ride, if you want. Please don’t take that as a sexual innuendo.

RICO: Or, I’ll just check out the car myself.

(RICO looks under the hood for roughly five seconds.)

RICO: I don’t know what I’m looking at. You wanna chill till AAA comes?

VIOLET: That’s very thoughtful of you, thanks.

RICO: Great. I’ll react to your ass off-camera as you step into this vehicle. Your ass is ridiculous.

PRINCE: Where do you live, sweetheart?

VIOLET: I’m two blocks away on Redacted Address.

PRINCE: Alright baby girl, we’ll drive you home.

VIOLET: Thanks. So many guys were staring at me.

PRINCE: Word?! I can’t imagine why, ma.

VIOLET: I know, right? It’s like they’ve never seen a thick woman in booty shorts, stranded on the side of the road, and standing next to a Dodge Charger.

RICO: *staring*

PRINCE: So here’s the plan, beautiful: we’ll drop you off at your place, bullshit somewhere else, then pick you up once AAA calls you back. Deal?


PRINCE: I’ve also decided that we will walk you to your door.

(PRINCE and RICO arrive at VIOLET’S place and walk her to her front door.)

PRINCE: So this is your house?

VIOLET: No, I brought you to a random house.

RICO: I was afraid of that.

VIOLET: Kidding, it’s my house. Thanks for walking me to the door.

RICO: We just wanted to make sure you got to the door safely. I will lick my lips from thirst as I say this.

VIOLET: Did you think someone would snatch me up between the vehicle and my door?

PRINCE: There could be a creep in the trees.

EVERYONE: *laughter*

CREEP IN THE TREES: I’ll get you next time.

VIOLET: Here’s some gas money for giving me a ride.

RICO: Aww, thank you—

Violet Myers - Interracial Pickups

PRINCE: Not necessary. As long as we got you where you needed to go, that’s all that matters.

RICO: I’ll take the money.

PRINCE: No you won’t. We are good, upstanding black citizens of this community.

VIOLET: Wow, I like that. So do you want to come inside to hydrate and chill?

RICO: […]


RICO: I mean—we don’t want to be rude.

PRINCE: That’s true.

VIOLET: Great, walk inside with me.

PRINCE: Wonderful. But first, I’ll look behind me to check and see if anyone is watching two black men enter this random girl’s home.

CREEP IN THE TREE: I’m watching.

(PRINCE & RICO are inside VIOLET’S house, and an unknown amount of time has passed.)

PRINCE: I’m really digging this all-white, minimalist place of yours.

VIOLET: Thanks. The sofa is the only furniture I have.

PRINCE: And thank you for the tea.

VIOLET: You’re welcome. I wanted to thank you guys somehow.

PRINCE: We appreciate that.

RICO: Did you ever check-in with AAA?


Violet Myers on Dogfart Network

PRINCE: So look, it’s getting kinda late. We’re gonna go ahead and get up out of here.

VIOLET: Please don’t leave.


VIOLET: Well, it’s just—


VIOLET: Can we fuck and film it?

PRINCE: *mind explodes*

RICO: *mind explodes*

PRINCE: I think I can help with that.

RICO: Wait, I’m not included in this?

VIOLET: I want both of you guys to fuck me.

PRINCE: *mind explodes*

RICO: *mind explodes*

PRINCE: I’m living in the craziest timeline. What a day!

VIOLET: We can even use this camera.

Horny Violet Myers wants to film her fuck with two black dudes

RICO: Where did you get this little-ass camera from?

VIOLET: Best Buy. I purchase all of my electronics from shopping plazas.

RICO: Are we really about to do this?

PRINCE: I ain’t got nothing else to do, so sure.

RICO: Cool, I got an hour.

VIOLET: Wait, then what were y’all doing before you found me?


RICO: […]

VIOLET: Whatever. Take the camera and pull your pants down.

PRINCE: Yes, ma’am.

RICO: I’m not ready. I didn’t prepare.

PRINCE: You know to always stay ready. Remember the six-point checklist.

RICO: Okay. We got clear consent, I’m STD-free, I washed off, and I don’t have to pee.


RICO: I didn’t bring condoms or lube, though.

VIOLET: No worries. I enjoy having unprotected sex with strangers. And I can just spit on it.

RICO: Works for me.

VIOLET: Great. You first.

(VIOLET gives PRINCE a blowjob as he holds the camera.)

Curvy Violet Myers gives blowjobs in interracial threesome

RICO: What should I be doing?

VIOLET: Just wait and try to stay hard.

RICO: I can’t. I’ll just step away for bit. Y’all handle that.


(VIOLET finishes her blowjob on PRINCE. RICO returns.)

RICO: Okay, I’m back.

VIOLET: Great, take the camera. You are unusually hard compared to before.

RICO: […]

Busty Latina Violet Myers offers her pussy to two random black dudes

(PRINCE & RICO have sex and things such as that with VIOLET for roughly 15 minutes. Insert the following tags: big tits, big ass, latina, interracial, big cock, threesome.)

VIOLET: Wow, that was great. Thank you.

PRINCE: No, thank you!

RICO: Indeed, thank you, Violet.

VIOLET: That was much better than $20, amirite?

PRINCE: Yessir.

RICO: I actually could’ve used the $20 for Starbucks.

PRINCE: Anyway, we should probably get you back to your car.

VIOLET: Fuck, that’s right. My car is still on the side of the road.

RICO: Again, did we ever check to see if AAA called or call them?

PRINCE: I dunno, but we left the car unattended for at least an hour now, so the tires are probably gone.

Big booty Violet Myers cumshot in interracial scene

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